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19 Starter Kits That Will Help You Be Crafty AF In 2016

Lazing on a sunny crafternoon.

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed Life

1. While away your lazy hours with a sloth embroidery kit.

Make a sloth while being slothful.

$18, Kiriki Press.

2. Ban nightmares in 2016 by making your own dream catcher.

3. Catch the cross-stitching bug.

Stitch your truth.

$15.20, The Make Arcade.

4. Practice perfect penmanship with a calligraphy set.

5. Journal in a book your bound yourself.

6. Assemble your very own terrarium to class up your desk.

7. Knit your own beginner's snood.

Stay in bed making something you'll need if you ever leave the house this winter.

$27.50, Wool and the Gang.

8. Personalize a trinket box with this wood burning kit.

9. Write your own music box tune.

10. Weave awesomely textured coasters or wall art on a loom.

11. Keep the winter dryness away with homemade lip balm.

12. Add some color to boring old sneakers.

Add some kick to your kicks.

$45, J Goods.

13. Bring your drawings to life with a DIY mechanical flip book.

Starter kit $29.95, and black card kit $12.95, FlipBooKit.

14. Learn dyeing techniques and make a one-of-a-kind indigo-dyed scarf.

15. Learn to crochet a cactus you definitely can't kill.

$19.50, TomToy.

16. Strum with pride on a ukelele you put together.

Bring back the hipster in 2016.

$49.99, ModCloth.

17. Turn any tee you already own into a unique lampshade.

18. Learn to sew on this Dino-Sew-Or plush animal kit.

$8.99, Maker Shed.

19. Make and drink your own elderflower wine.

The best crafts in life are alcoholic.

$50.79, Firebox.

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