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19 Starter Kits That Will Help You Be Crafty AF In 2016

Lazing on a sunny crafternoon.

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Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed Life

1. While away your lazy hours with a sloth embroidery kit.

Make a sloth while being slothful. $18, Kiriki Press.

Make a sloth while being slothful.

$18, Kiriki Press.

2. Ban nightmares in 2016 by making your own dream catcher.

$36.67, Making Things Happen.

3. Catch the cross-stitching bug.

Stitch your truth.$15.20, The Make Arcade.

Stitch your truth.

$15.20, The Make Arcade.

4. Practice perfect penmanship with a calligraphy set.

$80, LH Calligraphy.

5. Journal in a book your bound yourself.

$40, Cathy Durso.

6. Assemble your very own terrarium to class up your desk.

$9.85, The Brooklyn Knot Shop.

7. Knit your own beginner's snood.

Stay in bed making something you'll need if you ever leave the house this winter.

$27.50, Wool and the Gang.

8. Personalize a trinket box with this wood burning kit.

$42, Urban Outfitters.

9. Write your own music box tune.

$24, Urban Outfitters.

10. Weave awesomely textured coasters or wall art on a loom.

$60, Fiber Huis.

11. Keep the winter dryness away with homemade lip balm.

$40, Uncommon Goods.

12. Add some color to boring old sneakers.

Add some kick to your kicks.

$45, J Goods.

13. Bring your drawings to life with a DIY mechanical flip book.

Starter kit $29.95, and black card kit $12.95, FlipBooKit.

14. Learn dyeing techniques and make a one-of-a-kind indigo-dyed scarf.

15. Learn to crochet a cactus you definitely can't kill.

$19.50, TomToy.

$19.50, TomToy.

16. Strum with pride on a ukelele you put together.

Bring back the hipster in 2016.

$49.99, ModCloth.

17. Turn any tee you already own into a unique lampshade.

$35, Uncommon Goods.

18. Learn to sew on this Dino-Sew-Or plush animal kit.

$8.99, Maker Shed.

19. Make and drink your own elderflower wine.

The best crafts in life are alcoholic.$50.79, Firebox.

The best crafts in life are alcoholic.

$50.79, Firebox.

The best things at three price points