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31 Pairs Of Socks That'll Make You Want To Flash Some Ankle

Improve your sox appeal.

1. Famous painting socks that prove you took Art History 101.

Get each four pack from Amazon for $7.99.

2. Butt socks that are a little bit ~cheeky~.

3. Galaxy socks that take your feet outta this world.

4. Corgi socks that'll keep your paws warm and adorable.

5. Sheer lavender socks with unicorns that prance on your feet.

6. Black cat socks that will cancel out any bad luck that crosses your path.

7. Fishnet socks that want to be caught.

8. Metallic honeycomb socks for when you need to bee dazzled.

9. Glittery avocado socks that tingle when your 'cados are ripe.*

10. Rosie the Riveter socks for when you need to go to work.

11. Transparent socks that are snack happy.

12. Chill pill socks you can wear only when relaxing.

13. Sheer polka dot socks with a ruffle that peeks out of your shoes.

14. Fancy AF socks with a pearl stripe.

15. Speckled Barbie socks that'll definitely get the Aqua song stuck in your head.

16. Narwhal and unicorn socks that depict the ultimate horned creature showdown.

17. Silver-accented socks that'll make your all black outfits a lil extra.

18. Makeup socks that will remind you to stop at Sephora on your way home.

19. Boob socks that'll make you do a double take.

20. Sporty socks to buy in bulk share with your squad.

21. Graphic maze socks that are mismatched for ~kicks~.

22. Fry and milkshake socks that prove sweet and salty is the perfect combo.

23. Sheer tube socks that are athletic adjecent.

24. Floral glitter socks for when you're feeling grey.

25. Fish scale socks that'll turn you halfway into a mermaid.

26. Cheery umbrella socks to tuck into your fave rain boots.

27. Jackie O, JFK, and Marilyn Monroe socks that come in a set of three so you can pIcK aNd ChOoSe.

28. Daisy socks for every wannabe '90s girl.

29. Rolled up sushi socks that may confuse you before you've had your morning coffee.

And if socks that look like food is your thing, check out "You Might Think These Are Pictures Of Food But Actually They Are Pictures Of Socks".

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