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    31 Cool And Random Things You Can Probably Afford

    Because why not?

    1. A hedgehog grater who really wants to help out with your mac and cheese addiction.

    2. A photo clip to give to that friend whose top-used emoji is always 👌.

    3. A glittery crossbody bag that'll make you say "the perfect outfit? I'll PLANET!"

    4. A "Grrrrona" dog toy perfect for any ~boozehound~.

    5. A panda mug with a special slot for your afternoon snack to make your favorite cookie taste fresh out of the oven.

    6. A coloring book for anyone who loves a good #flatlay.

    7. A mini bowling game to seriously upgrade your next party — just add empty cans!

    8. A huggable No Face plushie to ~spirit you away~ to a place of coziness.

    9. A cactus light stand with faceted bulbs for a surprisingly inexpensive room upgrade.

    10. A sneaky party game you need to order for your friend group ASAP — especially if you love the game Mafia.

    11. A ceramic dachshund bookend set that'll keep your books upright and your heart melted.

    12. A Star Wars snack bowl to make you look like you're eating food straight out of the jaws of a Wookie, a Wampa, or Jabba the Hutt himself.

    13. A creative journal chock full of prompts and activities designed to spark your creativity and bring out your inner weirdo.

    14. A large beach or picnic blanket big enough for you and a friend — but only if they ask nicely. (Suggested format: "Can I have a ~pizza~ that blanket?")

    15. A pair of cat-shaped guides to make applying winged eyeliner and shaped eyeshadow a breeze.

    16. A trio of living air plants housed in adorable pineapple planters.

    17. A ceramic coffee mug to bring old-school New York diner vibes to your morning brew.

    18. A cheese board printed with a handy infographic to help you identify every variety under the sun.

    19. A spud-shaped squeezable stress toy that's almost as relaxing as a bowl of mashed potatoes.

    20. A hot dog AND bun toaster to make your kitchen feel like a genuine ballpark.

    21. Rubber toys that'll both entertain your doggo and provide a perfect photo op.

    22. A portable rose gold speaker that packs a surprising audio punch, given its size.

    23. A cute and sweary oven mitt to protect you from burning your fucking hand on a fresh batch of cookies. Again.

    24. A dragon head mug that's honestly a must-have if you're planning on any Game of Thrones drinking games.

    25. A cheery tissue box cover to help you smile through the tears.

    26. A diary and notebook to help you put a positive spin on your day and help you relax right off into sleep.

    27. Swiss cheese–shaped trays you have to have for your next party; they hug right onto a wine glass so you and your guests can snack and drink with just one hand.

    28. A unicorn ramen bowl set perfect for sharing.

    29. A glitter lip balm that applies clear, but turns pink based on your body's pH.

    30. A three-pack of seamless kitty knickers you need right meow, tbh.

    31. Scissor-shaped bobby pins to make your hair *a cut above* the rest.

    Suddenly thinking about every one of these: