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    33 Cool And Random Things You Can Probably Afford

    A Franzia tee, charcoal bath bomb, Harry Potter makeup brushes, and 30 other things to make you say, "Ugh thanks BuzzFeed, now I NEED THIS!"

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A desktop waving inflatable tube guy so you can learn some new dance movies — no trip to the car dealership required.

    Urban Outfitters

    Dee from It's Always Sunny would be proud.

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $12.95.

    2. An easy-to-use jewelry cleaning brush for polishing up your brand new or decades-old precious stones and keep them as sparkling as your love still is (awww!).,

    It's filled with a cleansing + polishing solution to rid stones of clouding dirt and oil and ensure every facet shines. Just twist the bottom of the pen to dispense the fluid and brush on!

    Get it from Amazon for $5.49.

    Promising review: "Don't get me wrong — my wedding ring was gorgeous before. It did sparkle and still made me smile every day. However...after using this..*oh my goodness*! After one use of the Diamond Dazzle ring is absolutely breathtaking! I knew my ring got dirty now and then, simply from sweating and being outside in the elements. However, I never realized just how much dinge and schmutz marred my beautiful diamond until I cleaned it. It literally took my breath away with its fiery, dazzling brilliance! My wedding ring is something that always makes my heart beat a little faster: for its beauty, for what it represents...and now, my smile is even bigger and my heart skips a beat a little more as I gaze upon this amazing clarity. It is an amazing value with mind-blowing, beautiful results!" —liltreeclimber

    3. A set of Harry Potter makeup brushes for a little House Unity in your cosmetics bag.

    Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, and the Hogwarts crest itself are all represented here in this set that *also* includes a velvet pouch to store the brushes in *and* a silicone brush-cleaning mat. You don't want Hufflepuff to get in a huff when it's not cleaned often enough!

    Get them from Amazon for $16.09.

    Promising review: "I ordered these for my niece for her birthday and I have nothing but praise for them. The metal is excellent quality and the detail is impeccable. I'm seriously considering purchasing a set for myself." —Jessica Schultz

    4. A silicone pot holder that'll also double as a handy-dandy splatter cover, so you can protect your hands from grabbing a burning hot cast iron handle AND keep your stove from needing to be cleaned every five dang minutes.


    Get it from BuzzFeed's Goodful line, exclusively at Macy's for $20.99 (originally $28.99).

    5. A realistic wood-grain throw pillow so you won't be ~stumped~ when you're having a few friends over and run out of seats.

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99 (available in two wood grain colors, plus three fruit slice options: kiwi, watermelon, and orange).

    Promising review: "I absolutely love these!!!! I bought two for throw pillows for my couch and I plan on buying more to decorate my home for fall/winter season. I read several reviews and the pillows were just as described they are large and filled with a foam material and are realistic in appearance." —MamaBear

    6. A super-soft pullover you can wear when staying in your favorite beet farm–B&B hybrid. Just watch out for Mose! He has nightmares ever since... the storm.

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in sizes S–4XL and 24 colors).

    7. A extra-large, deliciously scented bath bomb for taking goth belfies (aka bath selfies).

    The Midnight bath bomb, which is formulated with activated charcoal to turn the water black, is pictured here!

    Get it from Amazon for $5.99 (available in 39 colors and scents).

    Promising review: "The smell is amazing. I was a little worried I wouldn't like the scent because it's citrus and cinnamon but it smelled so warm and pretty, and it lingered in my bathroom for almost two days. I loved it! And it definitely does turn your bathwater jet black, and the bubbles have almost a pink tint to them. The best part? it didn't stain my tub!" —Courtney

    8. A lavender-scented pushie you can pop in the microwave for a comforting cuddle when you have cramps, can't sleep, or are just in need of a little extra warmth. This lil guy'll take you from chilled to ~chill~.

    River Island

    Get it from River Island for $24 (available in six different animals, including a pug, llama, and sloth).

    9. A journal in which to document your post-mortem adventures. Pro tip: this'll make Tim Burton fans ~die~ from happiness.

    Idk if writing "Betelgeuse" three times will summon the guy, but best avoid it anyway tbh.

    Get it from Amazon for $17.06.

    10. Plush-lined hedgehog mittens that might be the first pair you never actually lose, that's how cute they are.

    Get them from Amazon for $9.

    Promising review: "These are too cute. I bought a pair and my sister loved them, so I bought a pair for her too. Apparently, they're very realistic looking — my cat repeatedly fishes them out of the closet, brings them to me, and meows until I pay attention. The mittens are well-made and have withstood the abuse." —LRB

    11. A clip-on spoon rest so all the good stuff drips back *into* your pot rather than onto your sparkling countertop — and so you don't get ~crabby~ having to scrub your surfaces down later.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    Promising review: "This is pretty much the best invention since, well, since spoon rests — only a whole lot better!!! I've always hated transferring a dripping spoon to a separate spoon rest or plate. I've often left my utensils in the pot with the food only to burn my hand because of transferred heat or have a not so high quality utensil soften in the soup. This pot clip works so well. It clips easily to the side of my pots and fits the handles of all of my utensils and the little rubbery projections firmly grip keeping the utensil from sliding. I bought a second one for myself! Great invention!!!" —Yeah-Nah

    12. A bow-bedecked t-back tank for a perfect *going out-fit* tucked into jeans or layered over leggings.

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99+ (available in sizes XS–XL and six colors).

    13. A holiday-scented candle, because who cares about Halloween candy? I'm ready for the season that's all about the cookies.

    Homesick Candles

    Get it from Amazon or Homesick Candles for $29.95.

    14. An 18-shade eyeshadow palette that'll deliver Sephora name brand–results, for a "wait, you only spent HOW much?!" price.

    We're talking five matte, nine shimmer, and four duo-chrome shades, all super pigmented and with minimal fall-out.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.57 (available in three color sets).

    Promising review: "I AM BLOWN AWAY BY THE QUALITY. There's almost zero fallout, extremely pigmented colors, blends creamy like butter, and the colors are beautiful. This rivals any of my Too Faced palettes — in fact far less fallout. These are the same quality if not better than my Urban Decay. Seriously not kidding. AND rivals my Kat Von D palettes. I rarely review anything, but this deserved a review." —Amazon Customer

    15. A travel-friendly tumbler made for iced tea lovers. Just pop your loose leaf or teabag and hot water in the outer chamber, ice in the inner chamber, and then press down. Tea time!


    Freshly brewed iced tea has never been so easy. And it all washes up in the dishwasher, too!

    Get it from BuzzFeed's Goodful line, exclusively at Macy's for $20.99 (originally $28.99).

    16. A Treebeard FunkoPop to remind you to slow down a bit. Ents are not hasty creatures, after all.

    Get it from Amazon for $13.41.

    17. An enamel pin embellished with a tongue-in-cheek quote from Little Women — and also my personal motto.


    Get it from The Clever Clove on Etsy $9.99.

    18. An eight-pack of van Gogh–inspired washi tape that'll make a great (post-) impression.

    Get it? Because he was a Post-Impressionist painter?

    Get the set of eight rolls from Amazon for $9.99.

    19. A corduroy bralette and leggings set for staying on-trend *and* cozy on casual Saturday afternoon hangs at home.


    Personally, I want the set in the oh-so-pretty lavender. 😍

    Get the set from Aerie: the bra for $17.21 (originally $24.95; available in sizes XXS–XXL and six colors) and the leggings for $24.11 (originally $34.95; available in sizes XXS–XXL and six colors, three colors with and three colors without "riding pant"–style panels)

    20. A handheld back roller so you can give (and get) relaxing massages without anyone's hands cramping. Ahhhh-mazing.

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99 (available in four colors).

    Promising review: "Okay so you can go get a super nice one for $50+ or just buy this one, save a bunch of money, and get the same result! A friend of mine had one of those nice ones and I HAD to get one, how good it feels and the ease! But when I saw the price I was thinking that I’ll try a cheaper one and I am not disappointed! And my hubby is happy because I’ll give him more massages now because it doesn’t hurt my hands." —Snelso

    21. A creamy-but-matte Etude House lipstick you can apply sparingly for a barely-there blotted look, or slather on for a bolder dose of gorgeous color.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.95 (available in nine colors).

    22. A self-watering planter to keep your favorite flora from succumbing to thirst. Pour water in the spout on the side, and the squirrel inside will rise with the water level; when he disappears, it's time to water again!


    Get it from ModCloth for $20.

    23. An organic minute mug cake mix so you can enjoy a hot sweet treat when your 3 p.m. sugar crash coincides with Bertie from marketing during the thermostat down AGAIN.


    All you needs is WATER and a microwave. And, well, a mug.

    Get a pack of four from Amazon for $10.88+ (also available in confetti cake and cinnamon swirl).

    Promising review: "These are yummy!! Two tablespoons water and one minute in the micro; done. Super easy and delicious. We topped with ice cream, so good!" —Sailor Moon

    24. A mini rose gold countertop garbage can that'll be the perfect marriage of form and function: it's really pretty AND ideal for tons and tons of situations (no, really — I'll get to them below).

    You can:

    —Corral food scraps and coffee grounds before taking them out to compost.

    —Place it on top of your toilet for period hygiene products, Q-tips, etc.

    —Keep it in your car for on-the-go trash.

    —Use it as a Rachel Ray–style garbage bowl for neatening up as you cook.

    —Take it to the couch for your next TV binge — it'll store food wrappers and all the Kleenex you use while crying catching up on This Is Us.

    The possibilities are endless!

    Get it from Amazon for $15 (also available in brushes stainless steel).

    25. Sheer ribbon shoelaces to dress up your favorite kicks so you can walk in even more style.

    There are ones with math equations printed on them (pictured on the right), which ????, but also heck yes!

    Get them from Amazon for $9.99 (available in 30 styles).

    26. A Franzia tee, because even in the depths of winter, we'll remember rosé — and those rosy days of drinking boxed wine (aka right now).

    Urban Outfitters

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $34 (available in sizes S–XL).

    27. A Bowtruckle pin for an adorable last-minute Halloween costume — just pin it to any blazer you have! Or you can wear it to go see the new Fantastic Beasts film in November.,

    Might I suggest pairing it with a Hufflepuff scarf?

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this Bowtruckle!! Je has a pin in back to be worn as a brooch, and it also looks like you could hook him to a necklace. His body parts are bendable, so I just arranged mine's legs so he stands up on his own! Great quality, exceeded all expectations! Would buy again!" —Holly

    28. A pair of vintage-y acrylic glasses that'll put a spin on your next ~happy hour~.


    Get them from Bando for $20.

    29. A nifty nimbus magnetic key-holder, because $8 on this adorable item will be a WHOLE lot cheaper than calling a locksmith.

    Attach it to a wall near your front door and never forget — or lose — them again!

    Get it from Amazon for $7.98.

    Promising review: "This is one of the most useful purchases I've ever made on Amazon. I use it every single day to hang my keys. I've had it for at least half a year now it seems. It hasn't lost any magnetism and it holds my car keys, remote start, USB, rewards/gift cards, house and work keys, etc. I'm in love. One of the best purchases I've made." —Makenah

    30. A pair of socks you can personalize with your face (or your pupper's) to make you really want to flash some ankle.

    Firebox, FIrebox

    I need a pair of these, STAT.

    Get them from Firebox for $25.89.

    31. A cocktail recipe book inspired by signs of the zodiac — your friends will marvel at how you picked out their perfect drink with just a quick glance at their star chart.

    Get it from Amazon for $11.12 or find a copy at your local library.

    Promising review: "The adorable pink retro packaging was enough to want this book just for my coffee table, and the thorough endless list of cocktails was enough for me to want it for my library, but I had no idea just how astrologically informative and accurate this book would be — even with the the basis being cocktails! I have been reading Aliza Kelly’s horoscopes and articles for years, and she is so brilliant at blending self education that really resonates, with humor and accessibility, and this book is no exception. Come for the cocktails and fun and leave knowing more about yourself, your lovers, and friends than you had any idea you could learn based on how they like to drink! Such a fun book! I’m definitely going to gift it to all my friends this Christmas!" —Fiona A.

    32. A plush pillow cupholder to keep your drinks upright and spill-free during your next TV marathon — without bumping your elbows or leaving marks on your nice sofa.

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in brown, grey, and black, all listed separately).

    33. A lip-shaped neon light that won't leave you in the dark when the power goes ~pout~.

    It's cordless, so you can display it anywhere; just charge it once in a while via USB.

    Get it from Amazon for $13.46 (available in three colors, plus 12 other styles).

    Me to anyone telling me that these products are neither cool nor random:


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