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36 Gifts For People Who Love To Eat, But Suck At Cooking

For beginners, toast-burners, and anyone who just wants to get a little better at making good food.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

1. A set of silicone cups that'll make cooking perfectly poached eggs so much easier. Family doesn't think they can cook breakfast? YOLK'S ON THEM!

No need to swirl the water, no danger of breaking your yolk, no need to add vinegar! And you can even use these to make poached eggs in the microwave.

Get a set of four from Amazon for $11.97.

Promising review: "These things are fantastic. I am a total klutz in the kitchen. A complete non-cook. And yet two poached eggs came out perfectly the first time I used these little beauties. A squirt of Pam in each cup, crack and drop the egg in, set them on the turntable of my 1100W microwave, cover them with a paper towel and 60 seconds later I had two completely delicious wonderfully done poached eggs. Voile! If I can do it, anyone can... Boy, am I impressed.!!!" —Leland C. Sheppard

2. A beautifully informative infographic print, which'll identify and describe herbs and spices so they can kick their food up a notch when it comes to flavor.

The poster, with images of spices, their names, and notes about them


Get it from Amazon for $8.09.

Promising review: "This poster is stunning. We of course hung it in our kitchen. I framed it in a Craig Frames 24x36 frame and it looks perfect. There is SO MUCH DETAIL to the many pictures and all the text (and all the TEXT IS READABLE!). Plus, it has multiple versions of the spices, like in ground or granulated form in addition to its natural form. Love that it has some of the most famous spice blends like curry, garam masala, Chinese five spice, herbs de provence, and pickling spices. This is such a great centerpiece of art for a kitchen. People will love to comment on it and ask questions about it as well as just look at it for a long time." —Roderick Rinehart

3. A set of OXO shredding claws with handles so they can transform a store-bought rotisserie chicken into a HUGE variety of meals with ease — and without burning their fingers or getting them greasy.

Hands shredding a rotisserie chicken with the black claws

Get them from Amazon for $14.99 (or get a BBQ essentials set with a basting brush and the claws for $24.99).

Promising review: "The handles make the difference! These are my first meat shredding claws; I can't say how they would compare to the competition. I bought them because of the handles which seem more ergonomic for gripping than the other types meat shredding claws. I made a pork roast last week and these claws took it apart easily." —Noreladim

4. A nonstick ceramic Always Pan (this one's PFOA-free), because that dinner you spent valuable time on shouldn't be burnt on! This one's designed to do the work of EIGHT pieces of regular old cookware, and comes with a lockable lid, steamer basket, pouring spout, and a nesting spatula with a built-in rest.

The pan with shrimp etoufee, with bowls of the shrimp and rice around it

Get it from Our Place for $145 (available in six colors)

Promising review: "My always pan is going to be my new favorite cooking ware. Super versatile and absolutely beautiful. Love the functionality that it possesses and the versatility range, someone really thought about all the best way to cook with this! Safe, easy to clean, and beautiful to look at! Makes you want to cook more delicious meals all day long! Shipping took a while because I preordered, but I was happy to wait!" —Celyn V.

Our Place is a POC-owned business based in Los Angeles. All of their boxes are packaged with biodegradable and recyclable materials, and the Always Pan is made in a female-owned factory in China.

Check out a review from one of my BuzzFeed colleagues to learn more about this pan!

5. An Instant Pot cooker that'll (deep breath) pressure cook, slow-cook, make rice, sauté, make yogurt, steam food...and also keep their dinner warm.

A reviewer's Instant pot and butter chicken with text that says it didn't disappoint

It's like a little miracle you can plug in.

Get a six-quart Instant Pot from Amazon for $79 (also available in three-quart and eight-quart sizes).

Promising review: "I've used my Instant Pot for two weeks now, and I LOVE it. It is worth the hype. I work full time and I love to cook, but when I get home at night, it's sometimes a crunch to spend time at the stove cooking healthy meals for my family. I work 40 hours a week and have a child — when I come home at night, I cook dinner, I help with her homework, and then I run a 5k. Yes. Among many other household chores. Having this Instant Pot has increased the amount of time I can spend with my family at night. Once I've prepped ingredients, I toss it all in, and it's done, well, almost instantly! My favorite so far has been a beef stew that I made in 35 minutes cook time. It used to take me four hours on a weekend to make this — it was done so quickly, so perfectly, and I was able to freeze the leftovers for my lunch! I cannot say enough good about this thing. It's a game changer!" —Mary

Check out I Tried The Instant Pot That Everyone's Obsessed With for an in-depth look.

6. And a copy of the Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook to get them started whipping up deliciousness in their new multitasking miracle.

The cover of the book
Ten Speed Press

It has recipes for every meal of the day, entertaining faves, holiday dishes, and vegetarian options. Reviewers agree that it's the "best Instant Pot cookbook!"

Get it from Amazon for $14.61 or from Bookshop for $27.59 (to support local bookshops).

7. A handheld grater with two different-size grating blades so they can whip up the easiest and tastiest meal: cacio e pepe (aka pasta with pepper, butter, and grated cheese, plus a little reserved pasta water)., Amazon

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

Check out the recipe for cacio e pepe at Tasting Table.

8. And a two-in-one bowl and colander set that'll let them drain the pasta without forgetting to save some of the water to add to the sauce. Instant silkiness is theirs!

The green bowl with metal colander suspended inside, with fruit being washed inside of it

Also a key ingredient for cacio e pepe.

Get it from Amazon for $11.88.

Promising review: "This strainer is very helpful! I love how the bottom moves freely so you can drain the noodles and dump out the water without dumping the noodles out. It was designed great and is my favorite item in my kitchen right now, as I have to use a strainer at least 3-4 times a week for something. I used to hate having to have the bottom of my strainer exposed to the surface of the sink, this is a much more sanitary strainer and I’m glad I bought it!" —Acramer

9. The Flavor Bible, a cookbook and guide to creating mouth-watering combinations of ingredients, textures, and temperatures for all skill levels as they develop confidence in the kitchen. It has over 1,000 five-star reviews alone, btw!

The cover of the book with text "the essential guide to culinary creativity, based on the wisdom of America's most imaginative chefs"
Little Brown and Company

There are suggested combinations (over 70 things go well with chickpeas, apparently), plus pages dedicated to specific main ingredients (like chicken or lamb) to inspire you to create *your own* recipes!

Get it from Amazon for $26.99 or from Bookshop for $36.80 (to support local bookstores).

10. A set of measuring spoons for those hard-to-guess amounts that'll add juuuuust the right amount of flavor.

The set of drop, smidgen, pinch, dash, and tad measuring spoons

"So mom, how do you make your famous chili?" "Oh, you know, a pinch of this, a dash of that..."

Get them from Amazon for $5.91.

Promising review: "I have two other sets of mini measuring spoons that look similar to this set. I like these spoons much better because in addition to having the 'name' of the measurement on each spoon (drop, smidgen, pinch, etc.), these spoons also have the exact measurement imprinted on each spoon (1/64, 1/32, etc.). Makes measuring so much easier this way." —Lisa 1972

11. A stuffed patty mold that'll help them whip up a Jucy Lucy in the comfort of home — (they won't even have to wear pants).

A cheese-stuffed burger next to the round patty mold/press

If you don't know what a Jucy Lucy is, you need to educate yourself. And btw, that's not its only use: this baby can make little sliders too! And of course, regular burgers, too.

Get it from Amazon for $9.25.

Promising review: "This actually works, and you can fill with a lot of stuffing (which surprised me). The device is very well designed, and easy to use once you figure out which part is which. I was very surprised at the size of the indentation for filling. I put in: a slice and a half of cooked bacon, some sliced peppers, and small chunks of cheddar cheese. DELICIOUS! No leakage on my George Foreman grill. Worked great. They are big burgers, so you might end up sharing. Enjoy! It's a great tool, at a great price. You can make pizza burgers, Mexican burgers, whatever you can imagine." —BarbZ

12. A Nordic Ware handy-dandy aluminum baking tray (or two), so they can try all 18,000 of those sheet pan dinner recipes they've seen with minimal effort. All that's needed is a protein + veggies + salt + oil + any seasonings they want. That is IT.

A sheet pan with salmon, potatoes, lemon slices, and asparagus on it

BuzzFeed has tons and tons and tons and tons of sheet pan meal ideas to get them started, but it's easy to experiment with their favorite flavors! We're talking sheet pan fajitas, clam bakes, quiches, jambalaya, nachos and S O much more.

Get it from Amazon for $25.99 (for a set of two half sheets; also available in nine other sizes/combos).

Promising review: "Heavy for its side, it did not warp in a hot oven. I love sheet pan dinners. One pan, held four chicken breasts, potatoes, onions, assorted bell peppers — all roasted to perfection in one pan. Use a good quality oil and just brush it on the inside surface of the pan. The stainless steel pan cleans easily! Also, makes great cookie bars." —Mamalus

13. A sushi-making kit that'll help them ~roll~ like a professional. Just whip up some sticky rice, and load 'er up with fresh veggies and fish.

The kit, staged with sushi and ingredients

DIY sushi bar! This kit includes the training frame, sushi mat, roll cutter, and non-stick rice paddle so they can whip up the best salmon avocado roll in your sweats.

Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

Promising reivew: "My very first time making sushi, and this kit worked flawlessly! The Sushiquik really made the whole process easy. Sure, you can layer on rice without the frame, but why? The frame made it so easy to get the edges straight and the rice evenly packed along the roll. I actually made six different rolls last night, and I just got better and better at this, even though my first roll was pretty perfect, they just got better and better as I played with the amount of rice and filling, and varied the pressure I used when rolling. The rice spoon was amazing! Everything in my house was sticking to the rice EXCEPT this spoon! Anywhooo, I highly recommend this set if you want a nice clean way to make sushi rolls. If you are a traditionalist who doesn't like improvements in your world, get on your horse and ride to the store to go get a bamboo mat...and hey, why are you on the Internet?" —The One and Only Seadog

14. A bottle of basil olive oil to infuse their cooking, salad dressings, and more with extra herbaceous flavor with no effort at all. Next time they invite you over, you might think you're in a five-star restaurant.

The oil being drizzled on eggplant

Get it from Brightland for $40 (also available in chili and lemon versions).

Promising review: "I absolutely love my Brightland Olive Oil! I use it on bread with mozzarella, for roasting vegetables, in dressings, and to marinade fish, especially halibut and cod. My family loves it. I give it to friends as gifts so that they may become customers as well. It really is a great product. I use the basil infused oil which is light and subtly fragrant. The packaging is beautiful and looks pretty in my kitchen!" —Varsha S.

Brightland is an Indian American woman–owned brand making delicious oils and vinegars, made from olives from a Californian family farm.

15. A pair of herb scissors guaranteed to make them say, "Chopping skills? Who needs 'em!"

Hands using the scissors to chop scallions

Chopping scallions, basil, and other flavorful ingredients is tedious, but they deserve better than bland food. And there's a cleaning comb built into the storage cover to make removing any herbs that are stuck in the blades a breeze!

Get them from Amazon for $10.99.

Promising review: "These scissors are the best tool ever! Instead of chopping up my fresh herbs and scraping them into whatever dish I'm making — I just hold the herbs over the dish and clip away. Fast, convenient, no mess, no fuss. In the morning, when I'm preparing a fresh salad to take to work, instead of having to drag out the knife and cutting board I just snip the fresh basil into the salad. If you flip the cover of the scissors around, the slotted side slides out the bits stuck in the scissors. Quick, easy and no waste. Love it!" —Amazon Customer

16. An emulsifying bottle with a built-in blender ball for flavorful homemade salad dressings, marinades, and sauces they'll want to drizzle on everything. No more flavorless food, and no more relying on store-bought sauces.


"From scratch??" their hungry guests will shout with surprise. "Yes!" they'll reply smugly.

Just add your ingredients (there are measurements helpfully printed on the side) and give 'er a shake to easily combine. The easy-open, auto-close spout means you can open + pour with one hand, too (without spilling everywhere)!

Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (also available in a glass version).

Promising review: "This shaker is fantastic. I bought it because the one I purchased at Target turned out to be worthless (the top didn't stay closed and the dressing got everywhere when I shook it). The Whiskware shaker worked perfectly. It stayed sealed, it kept the dressing fresh, and the whisk ball did a great job of mixing up the dressing — even the honey. I am going to buy one for my daughter because there really is nothing like homemade salad dressing. Worth the price for sure!" —Blanche Devereaux

17. BuzzFeed's Tasty Everyday Cookbook for anyone who's TIRED of recipes with too-darn-many steps. It's chock-full of one-pot, slow cooker, and other no-fuss recipes they can *actually* handle.

The cover of the book

Get it from Amazon for $12.65 of Bookshop for $18.39 (to support local bookstores).

18. A set of square rings to effortlessly make fried eggs perfectly sized for topping a piece of avocado toast. Perfect for anyone you know who loves runny yolka on Insta.

Eggs on a griddle cooking in the square rings so they fit on toast
WIlliams Sonoma

Get a set of four from Williams Sonoma for $19.95.

Promising review: "I'm really happy with these! I cook a lot of fried eggs and pancakes for family, and have tried many versions of this kind of ring. This is the first set I've had that will reliably sit flat in the pan and not let liquid leak. They are a great combination of flexible and rigid and I can tell a lot of care went into the design. They say dishwasher safe, but I hand wash -- very easy to clean and I don't want to risk warping." —A Farlington

19. An adjustable rolling pin that'll flatten dough to the uniform height of any burgeoning baker's choice — anywhere from 1/16" to 3/8". No more wonky pie crusts or cut-out cookies that don't bake evenly!


Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in multicolor [pictured] and blue for $29.98).

Promising review: "This cleverly engineered tool has changed my cookie making life. I've been making cut-out cookies regularly for 30+ years for virtually every special occasion. That's added up to thousands of cookies. So, I know my way around a rolling pin. After using a traditional rolling pin most of my life, I decided to give this gizmo a try three years ago. Wow. I marvel at how well it works every time I use it. At last, my cut-out cookies have a uniform thickness and cook evenly — every single cookie is perfect. I can't overstate how much I love this rolling pin. I've given it as a gift and recommended it to friends. I do hope they come out with a longer one." —Monica

20. A heavy duty pizza stone they can also use for breads to get that deliciously fluffy, charred crust without a high heat wood fire or brick pizza oven. No matter how not-so-round their crust looks (or even if it's store-bought dough), the results will be ::chef's kiss::

A reviewer's finished pizza with five stars and text "adds so much flavor"

It can be used on grills too!

Get it from Amazon for $39.95 (available in 14" and 16" sizes).

Promising review: "I have been using pizza stones for over 30 years and recently I wanted to make my pizzas on the BBQ however my old pizza stones could not be used over direct heat. Because of the great reviews and the data indicating that the stone could be used over direct heat on the BBQ, I purchased it and was more than pleased. The crust was the crispest I have ever produced and with the same recipe. This proves that the stone DOES make a difference. I won't be making pizza for a while now as I made four pizzas today of which two are going into the freezer. The photo says it all! Yum yum....white pizza with grilled veggies." —Fran B

21. A set of five stainless steel mixing bowls with silicone non-stick bottoms, because whether they're creaming together frosting, tossing together the ingredients for a pasta salad, or whisking eggs to make a scramble, they do NOT want their hard work to end up on the floor.

Model whisking eggs in a bowl, with ingredients in the other ones

And LIDS for marinating and storage!

Get a set of five from Amazon for $29.99.

Promising review: "My wife and I do a lot of cooking and we have a set of plastic bowls and a super cheap giant SS bowl that we bought from Walmart. I'm so upset that we didn't purchase a set of these sooner! They're well constructed and extremely grippy. The lids form a tight seal which makes them slightly difficult to get on, but honestly that's more of a positive than a con, just a learning curve. The sides don't flex, or pop, like my cheap SS mixing bowl did. I would recommend these bowls to anyone." —Joshua M Below

22. An air fryer so they can whip up their favorite crunchy foods (hello panko-crusted everything!) with little... or NO... added oil. It circulates air to create a perfectly browned exterior, without the danger of a giant pot of hot oil.


This particular model comes with a rack, non-stick baking dish, and a cookbook with 52 pages of recipes to get you started.

Get it from Amazon for $60 (also available in red).

Promising review: "Was interested in an air fryer and after a little research I decided on this brand. I am not disappointed! Seemed like it offered the most bang for your buck. They all cook in basically the same way, so it came down to price (this one is slightly less expensive than other brands), size (didn't need to cook for more than 4-5 people at a time), and accessories (which this comes with!!). Easy to operate, just set your temperature and turn the timer to how many minutes you want to cook. The first thing I made was chicken wings — cooked for 25 minutes at 360 degrees and they were perfectly juicy, thoroughly cooked, and crispy on the outside. Did not make the house seem smoky (like frying or cooking wings in the oven can do)! Clean up was also very easy, just a little soapy hot water and all done! I can't wait to try additional foods and recipes!" —Kiki L.

23. A batter-dispenser that'll make cupcakes, pancakes, and muffins 👏 perfectly uniform 👏. Ideal for anyone who spends wayyyyyy to much money eating out at brunch every weekend.

Model dispensing the batter by pulling the handle lever, to make evenly size pancakes

Just squeeze the trigger to dispense and time your portions perfectly. The wide noddle will even easily dispense ~chunky~ batters with ease.

Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

Promising review: "Why, oh why didn't I buy this a whole lot sooner? I have always made pancakes or waffles reluctantly because of the mess it always makes with drips and runs all over the waffle maker, the counter, and the stove. Well, no more! This wonderful tool puts the batter exactly where you want it, when you want it — and then closes quickly and completely so you don't drip batter when putting it down. I highly recommend this dispenser. It does just what it is supposed to do, without any fuss or mistakes." —Barbara D. G.

24. A basic but handy guide to the most important kitchen skills, from how long ingredients keep to how to plan a food budget to how to sharpen a knife.

This book is fairly basic, so it's a great gift for anyone just starting out too!

Get it from Amazon for $9.95 or Bookshop for $9.15 (to support local bookstores).

25. A Hello Fresh gift subscription that'll basically be like a cooking class they can do at home. They can choose plan that fits their diet (including vegetarian and family plans), and they'll get allllllll the ingredients needed to prep each meal! WHILE learning how to cook!

Hello Fresh

Perfect for people who love activities like cooking classes, but don't love human interaction with strangers.

Gift a box of three meals (that feed two people) for $65 (choose between meat and veggie or just veggie) or a family box of two meals that feet four people for $82.

Be sure to check out my review of Hello Fresh for more deets on how it makes cooking easy — and teaches you new skills along the way!

26. A ~Fasta Pasta~ cooker for anyone who even struggles to boil water. Now they can make perfectly al dente pasta right in the microwave — no waiting for the pot to boil. Plus, the lid doubles as a strainer, so they really won't dirty any extra dishes!

The pasta maker

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

Promising review: "I bought this microwave pasta cooker at a time when I did not have a stove. Even though I have a stove now, I still use this cooker for dinner for myself sometimes because it works so well and quickly! The pasta comes out very soft and perfectly cooked when instructions are followed. When the pasta is done, the lid is used to drain the cooker of water and works very well. Pasta is the only thing I have cooked in this product, but there are a lot of other things you can cook in it. I highly recommend this to any college student or adult who needs a fast microwave pasta cooker!" —Kelsi Murphy

27. A chopper and storage set for making quick work of onions, carrots, cheese, or any other ingredient! They can use it to chop and dice with the three included blades (each with a different size grid). And when they're done, the attachments store inside the container! Easy peasy.

The chopper being used, shown as a storage container, and with the three blades

Sorry, but they're about to lose the "I was chopping onions" excuse for why they were crying.

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

Promising review: "I was introduced to this amazing gadget at my sister's house as I helped her prepare dinner. She gave me a pile of vegetables to peel, chop, and dice, and then handed me this. The chore included five onions, three cloves of garlic, two red peppers, two green peppers, one potato, one yam, etc. It would normally have taken 20-30 minutes at least. Instead, using this, it took about eight minutes, peeling included. And it was FUN. The design of this chopper is simple yet elegant. Everything fits inside the container for storage, and assembles quickly and easily. Clean up is a breeze (dishwasher safe, but I plan to wash by hand). At any rate, I ended up buying myself one, and then gifting my daughter, daughter-in-law, and a couple of friends. I place peppers and tomato halves skin side DOWN for best results. Happy chopping!" —lucy jack

28. A tenderizer that'll make tough, flavorless meat a problem of the past.

The white tenderizer with base, with rows of needles to puncture the meat

This little tool has 48 blades so they can tenderize your meat *while* creating channels for marinade to enter and heat to enter while cooking — reducing cooking time and therefore the chances of the meat getting all dried out!

Get it from Amazon for $19.89 (available in four colors).

Promising review: "This tool is a must for any cook who is sick of preparing meals for their family, only to have the main meat dish turn out dry and tough. This tenderizer is SO easy to use, and with only a few criss-cross applications, I achieved the world's best, most tender, juicy pork chops ever! With only a little salt and pepper and a sprinkle of olive oil and roasted garlic cloves, my family would NOT stop raving about a dish they normally would eat in stony silence. I have since used it on EVERY cut of meat I prepare for my family and have yet to be disappointed! Just rinse it with hot water and toss it in the top rack of the dishwasher, and it is ready to go to work for you again!" —IfAmazonDoesntSellItIDontBuyIt

29. A scissor slicer to make fast work of prepping produce or making the best salad e v e r. All for the price of *one* to-go salad at the fancy place near their office.

?downsize=715:*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto, Amazon

Get them from Amazon for $17.02.

Promising review: "I've been wanting to make chopped salads but didn't have anything beyond a regular knife that would do the chopping work. DANG! these really work! It takes no time or effort to chop a bowl full of healthy goodies. And it cleans easily. I see myself as making so many chopped salads from now on that it'll add years to my life. And I'll be experimenting by throwing in more kinds of vegetables...this had no hesitation with bell peppers. I find that a chopped salad just tastes to much better than one with whole pieces of spinach leaves and such. I just had to hop on here and spread the good news right away!" —D OC

30. The Goodful by Cuisinart One-Top, an all-in-one induction cooktop with temperature tracking to take the guess work out of your recipe. What heat setting does "simmer" even mean??

A model using a frying pan on the round cooktop

And it's great for sous vide cooking, too!

Get it from BuzzFeed's Goodful Collection, exclusively at Macys, for $149.99 (originally $214.99).

Promising review: "As someone who grew up in the 70s with an Electric stove and has been using Gas ever since college, I can appreciate the finer points of both — controlled lower temps w electric and the higher searing heat w gas. This product offers both — AND an extreme even heating surface. I’ve yet to use the Sous Vide function, but I made a 'Slow Cooker'-style pulled BBQ chicken recipe that came out amazing! Perfect Sunny side-up eggs! Crispy Sautéed vegetables! And I love the sync-function with my smart phone." —Gregg D.

31. A spatula tool with a harder center and flexible edges that'll slide right under the hardest-to-flip foods (looking at you, omelets).

The spatula folding an omelet in half

Get it from Amazon for $12.94 (available in two sizes).

Promising review: "So wonderful and flexible — great for all kinds of cooking besides omelet turning — scrambled eggs, sauces, etc. Easy on the nonstick cookware coatings, nicely heat resistant, and that flexibility hugs the sides of pan or bowl to get every last bit of food. I just wish it came in more sizes and shapes (smaller and narrower!) because it puts all my other spatulas to shame. The stiff inner blade combined with the silicone edge is a marvelous idea — OXO has nailed this one!" —zgmcgee

32. A pretty kitchen print that'll also serve as a cheat sheet for measurement conversions or veggie cooking times.


Get them from Follygraph on Etsy for $20.78+ (conversion chart) and $12.01+ (veggie cooking times) — each is available in multiple sizes.

Check out their whole selection of kitchen infographic prints!

Follygraph is a woman-owned Etsy shop based in Poland and founded in 2014. Their infographics are inspired by the connection between science and art.

33. An over-the-sink cutting board with a built-in strainer so they can rinse, and chop their produce in the exact same space, keeping them organized so even their subpar knife skills can't cause a huge mess.

The cutting board with peppers being chopped on it and rinsed in the silicone strainer

This bb is especially great for anyone with a tiny kitchen and no counter space. Just extend it over the sink and do all the prep work at once — no need to dig out (and then wash!) that humongous colander.

Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

Promising review: "This is exactly what I hoped it would be. My double kitchen sink (poor design note) does not have any counter space next to the side with the garbage disposal. I was constantly transferring peelings, etc. from one area to another with predictable messes and drops on the way to the disposal. However now, with this simple but great device I can hull strawberries, put them into the colander area for rinsing and then just sweep the hulls or whatever directly into the disposal. I cut carrots on the board, put them into the colander and again dispose of the ends and/or peels. The colander is on the smallish side but adequate, the cutting board area is stable and and the extender arms hold it securely. Plus the whole thing can go into the dishwasher. I leave it out because I use it every day. Definitely recommend." —PAE

34. A thick, durable apron with TONS of information (think cooking times for veggies, measurement conversions, how to test the doneness of your meat, etc.) printed UPSIDE DOWN so you can hold it up to consult while you're *wearing it*.


How long should you cook your eggs? How much rice should you make? This'll tell you!

Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (also available in a BBQ version and a baking version).

Promising review: "I bought these for my husband and me, and while he has used it more, I have benefitted from the apron, too! Lots of tips and measurement comparisons, and easy to read when you flip the skirt up while wearing it. We had soft boiled eggs for the first time ever because the apron inspired him! The pocket placement is a bit awkward, but it doesn't impede the effectiveness. It seems well husband and I are happy eaters. Great apron!" —Brodhi99

35. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, a book that'll teach you the building blocks of *how* to cook and build up flavors, not just recipes to follow. This is how you can start experimenting with recipes and flavors of your own!

The cover of the book
Simon and Schuster

It's got 100 recipes, variations, helpful illustrations, and tips backed by science to make you a better cook, not just a follower-of-recipes.

Get it from Amazon for $20.98 or from Bookshop for $34.50 (to support local bookstores).

36. And when in doubt, an electric wine opener that'll open a bottle in seconds, because if dinner's already ruined, might as well have a glass of wine ASAP.

A collage showing the steps of how to use the opener

Push a button and the job is D O N E (in seven seconds!). It'll open 80 bottles on a single charge.

Get it from Amazon for $21.99.

Promising review: "This is one of the coolest gadgets that I own now. I never knew that opening a corked bottle of wine could be so easy and so entertaining as well. No more old fashioned corkscrews for me! With the press of a button and about seven seconds this awesome automated device pulls the cork right out of the wine bottle. Not to mention, it has a very cool blue light that illuminated the cork as it’s being removed from the bottle. This may be the best $20 I’ve ever spent. Surprisingly this is made very well and the fact that it’s rechargeable really blows my mind. I used to own a similar device that took regular batteries, but I always seemed to be replacing them. With this, you don’t need to buy anything else other than more bottle of wine! If you’re contemplating purchasing one of these and you’ve read my review up until this point, stop reading now and go make the purchase. You won’t be sorry! Cheers!" —SocDiesel

These'll all help them cook even better than a rat pulling their hair!

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