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    If You Buy These Sandals Now, Your Feet Will Probably Thank You Later

    23 pairs of comfy, stylish sandals that'll make your toes happy for summers to come.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. Teva Hurricane Drift waterproof sandals that are the perfect blend of comfy, cute, and practical. And they're pretty much indestructible so they'll last and last and last.

    Model wearing the yellow sandals in a pool of water

    2. Sanuk Yoga Slings made of a two-way stretch knit fabric and literal *yoga mat footbeds* so comfy you'll be thinking "Namaste in these all summer long."

    A reviewer's feet in the black thong-style sandals

    3. Low block-heel faux suede beauties that I literally own SIX PAIRS of. Mildly embarrassing, but the price point, comfort level, and perfect heel height are too good to resist!

    The ankle-strap low heels in red

    4. Snake print espadrilles that are dying to ~slither~ into your shoe collection, with their sneaky platform wedge for added height and slip-resistant sole.

    Reviewer in the ankle-strap sandals

    5. Treaded sole vegan sandals with an ~OrthoLite~ padded footbed for comfort — and the boot-ish style will make them perfect for wearing into the fall (especially when paired with socks).

    Model in the ankle-strap sandals in white with thick black soles

    6. Lavender Chacos that are so pretty, I can't stop looking at them. But really, these antimicrobial (bye-bye foot smell), walk-friendly shoes come in so many pretty colors, it's hard to choose.

    Model in the purple strappy Chaco flat sandals

    7. Faux suede ankle-strap heels so inexpensive and comfy, you'll want to get all 10 colors — I mean you *will* want a pair to match every dress in your closet!

    8. Fluffy Ugg slingbacks that are basically a sandal you can wear most of the year. Slippers you can wear...outside? Yes, please.

    The slides in white and in black with a greyscale ombre top

    9. Laser-cut floral T-straps for the perfect blend of low-key walkability and low-key glam (hello little rhinestones).

    Reviewer's feet in the white sandals

    10. A pair of striped Adidas sandals with a chunky sole that are basically the summer version of Dad Sneaks. And they're just as comfy, too!

    Model in the white sandals with black stripes on one strap

    11. Birkenstock Arizona slip-ons available in unisex sizes for anyone who loves the design and comfort of classic Birks but wants something waterproof and super lightweight.

    Two reviewers's pairs of feet: one in the blue, the other in the pink Birkenstocks

    12. Thin strappy slides for all the slip-on-and-go ease of your favorite old flipflops, but an upgraded style — especially in the vibrant colors or leopard print.

    13. A perfectly plain pair of classic Steve Maddens you can truly wear with just about everything — and no matter how many times you reach for them, they'll last and last.

    Reviewer in the black flat sandals

    14. Neutral-hued flat sandals with stretchy elastic straps for some extra ~flexibility~ when you go on long strolls.

    The flat sandals with beige and tan straps

    15. Or a similarly stretchy pair with a padded insole so each step you take is fully supported. You truly love to see it.

    Reviewer in the black sandals

    16. A pair of block-heel sandals for a little boost of height but all-day walkable comfort. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds.

    Black ankle-strap, stacked wooden heel sandals

    17. Snake print sandals with a cork footbed for all day comfort, rainbow coloring to go with everything in your closet, and cute lil' bows for a dash of fun.

    Models feet in the two-strap slides

    18. Jelly sandals (in either flats or heeled versions) to bring you straight back to your younger years — and no worries if you get caught in a summer thunderstorm; these'll survive puddle splashes.

    The heeled jellies in transparent glittery black

    19. Metallic Fitflops with nailhead detailing on the sole and a contoured footbed, because whether you're in bike shorts and a tee to run out for milk, or in a dress going to meet friends in the park, they'll work for it all.

    20. Perforated peep-toe heels for anyone who wishes boot season was alllll year round — these'll keep your tootsies cool while also ~looking cool~.

    The ankle buckle sandals in white with stacked wooden heel

    21. Barely-there ankle-wrap flats that'll feel like the next best thing to barefoot. And the square toe adds the perfect touch of '90s flair.

    The sandals in white

    22. Embellished Steve Madden sandals sure to make you feel like a real ~stud~ — especially when you realize the only sharp bits are on the outside.

    Reviewer wearing the studded sandals in brown

    23. Colorful (and dare I say...stylish?) Crocs you can slide right on and slide right into the water wearing them — they're as versatile as you are, bb.

    Reviewer wearing the slide sandals in red

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