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    39 Incredibly Comfy Pieces Of Clothing You Might Want To Wear Every Day

    If it's not comfy...why would you put it on?

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. Lightweight and soft leggings *43* separate reviewers call "buttery," because that's a good thing when it comes to noodles, mashed potatoes, and definitely fabric.

    A model in high-waisted black leggings

    2. A low-back bodysuit featuring a *built-in* shelf bra so you don't have to juggle the impossible "what bra do I wear with this??" challenge. Pop this on and stay tucked in and supported all day and all night.

    A model in the scoop neck long sleeve black bodysuit

    3. A fuzzy sherpa sweater you'll wear so much, your friends might get a little concerned when you have your weekly FaceTime. "...You're wearing that AGAIN?!" "This sweater is my home now."

    A reviewer in the light grey sweater

    4. A fancy 'n flowy satin midi dress so you can call into those meetings from your couch in comfort *and* style. Just don't show them your fluffy slippers.

    A model in the black dolman-sleeve dress

    5. A Goldilocks-approved V-neck tee with the perfect drape and a super soft modal-and-spandex blend the brand calls "absurdly soft." Yes please!

    A model in the white tee with small vents on the sides

    6. A faux fur zip-up hoodie that says "I'm cold, but make it fashion." You'll be petting this on all your Zoom calls, so you might need to pretend to have a dog real quick.

    A model in the black hoodie

    7. A textured velvet dress sure to look equally fabulous over leggings, tights, or over-the-knee socks for softness + warmth.

    A reviewer in the yellow mini dress with a tie waist

    8. A pair of trouser-like pants made in a wrinkle-resistant, ~ultra stretchy~ fabric with a high waist (AND FOUR POCKETS) so you can feel oh-so put together but still feel *actually comfy*.

    A model in the black pants

    9. A super-soft thermal cotton and spandex blend union suit, because fuzzy onesies can feel like an oven, but this is basically the never-changing-out-of-my-PJs DREAM.

    A model in the navy blue button-front union suit

    10. An off-the-shoulder tie-back sweater to show your favorite sports bra off...to your cat or anyone else who happens to be around.

    A model seen from the back in the ribbed white sweater

    11. Investment-worthy Spanx faux leather leggings to provide all-day comfort and effortless style. Pop a sweater on over these and add your favorite slippers. Outfit complete!

    A model in the black leggings

    12. A set of sweats made from Lou & Grey's ~Signature Soft~ fabric that is truly *so* soft, I wake up every day wondering how many sets is *too* many sets.

    A model in the red sweatsuit

    13. A pair of deep pile, fleece-lined leggings so soft, you'll feel like you might be wearing actual clouds.

    A reviewer wearing the leggings in a winter landscape

    14. A pair of sage tie-dye joggers you just might spend the whole weekend in, and looking cute to boot.

    The green sweatsuit set with black tie-dye accents

    15. Impossibly soft cuffed lounge shorts, because spring is coming, and wearing shorts under a blanket is way cozier than just wearing PJ pants.

    A model in the grey drawstring shorts

    16. An oversized turtleneck dress you (like the turtle himself) will want to bring with you wherever you go, aka from room to room. You know, like a shell.

    A reviewer in the white mini dress

    17. Waffle-knit thermal leggings, because cozy sweater fabric shouldn't just be for your torso.

    A model in the light sage green high-waist leggings

    18. A monogrammed sherpa fleece pullover everyone will want to steal from you — but no one can, because DUH, it has your name on it!

    A model in the cream quarter-zip with monogram

    19. A classic and super-soft flannel shirt to dress down a fancy skirt for a Saturday night at-home date night (get creative!) or just paired with leggings. You can *and* will want to wear this with !all the things!

    A reviewer in the red plaid button up shirt

    20. A micro-modal cotton romper for warm-weather lounging (and quick runs to the grocery store or Mr. Softee truck for some ice cream). One and done dressing, breathable fabric, AND pockets? Sign me up.

    A model in the black spaghetti strap romper

    21. An incredibly cozy oversized teddy jacket, because you deserve to stay up to date on the latest trends AND stay warm, even on the chilliest false spring days.

    A reviewer in the tan teddy coat with zipper and pickets on the front

    22. A cable-knit two-piece set, because loungewear feels a bit more polished when it's a stylish knit like this one. And you can mix-and-match the pieces separately, too!

    Reviewer in the white cropped sweater and leggings set

    23. A super-soft sweatshirt top featuring distressed details for an upgraded version of your standard college hoodie.

    The grey sweatshirt with tears in the sleeves, hem, and neck

    24. A pair of stylish skinny jeans with a secret alter ego — shh! They're actually jeggings. (And they have over 4,000 glowing reviews!)

    A model in the black mid-rise jeans

    25. A sherpa-lined hoodie that's basically a game-changer for anyone who's allllllways cold. You best buy two, otherwise your S.O. will be stealing this on the daily.

    Two models in the sweatshirt: one in burgundy and one in blue

    26. A relaxed-fit linen jumpsuit (with pockets!) for a look as elegant as an LBD...but actually feels like you're wearing sweats.

    27. A velour crop top and shorts set that'll prove that lounging in style *and* comfort is oh-so possible.

    A model in the tee and shorts set

    28. A velvet duster with a ruffled hem so you can sweep dramatically in and out of rooms — without the restricted-arm feeling you get with regular jackets.

    A model in the rose duster

    29. A ruched-sleeve sweatshirt if you're tired of your ratty ole college one and just need something on-trend and fresh. This checks all boxes while still keeping you toasty.

    A model in the black sweatshirt with dramatic sleeves

    30. A Calvin Klein bralette and boy short set definitely comfortable enough to sleep in.

    A model in the black logo set

    31. A cool sweatshirt with an asymmetrical side zipper that gives a moto jacket effect.

    A model in the black jacket

    32. A soft terry T-shirt dress for a one-and-done outfit your inner lazy fashionista will love to dress up with accessories.

    33. A fitted jumpsuit in a soft thermal knit that's not itchy at all.

    A model in the tank v-neck jumpsuit in grey

    34. A pair of unbelievably soft leggings in a super-buttery, lightweight fabric so comfy, you'll want to buy them in every color.

    35. Stylish joggers with all the comfort of sweatpants, but that are cute enough to inspire a fashion blogger-style Instagram from your bedroom.

    A reviewer in the grey joggers with black trim

    36. A pair of wide-leg velvet pull-on pants so you can bring the D-R-A-M-A and vintage-y vibes without ever feeling constrained or uncomfy.

    A model in the black pants

    37. A balloon-sleeve pullover sweater for those occasions you want to be cocooned in yarn, but don't want to sacrifice looking trendy. #StatementSleeves #OOTD

    A reviewer in the light grey sweater

    38. A chicly seamed LBD mini with puff shoulders that's (shh!!) actually made of plush fleece.

    A model in the short sleeve dress

    39. A drawstring-front sweater so you can ~customize~ your crop based on your personal taste and the height of your bottoms.

    A reviewer in the cropped sweater in cream

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