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Can You Help This Cat Get Through L.A. Traffic Right Meow?

Pickles the cat really needs to get to their litter box and pee, so buckle up!

Whatever you're doing right now — it's not important. Put that to-do list aside and take up this very important challenge.

Here's your challenge: Pickles that cat has to get THROUGH L.A. traffic to the litter box so they can pee. Are you willing to take this on??

Here's how it works: Just press play on the video at the bottom of this post and you'll be guided through a series of questions. Click on your chosen answer for each question and see what happens to Pickles!

Your journey will be full of tests and challenges. Do you enjoy some catnip now?? Or save it for later?

What road do you take?!?!

What do you say when pulled over for a DWF (driving while feline)???

Play the whole game below to see whether you make the right choices. ~Urine~ for an adventure.


Let us know whether Pickles pee-vailed in the comments below!