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    53 Of The Best Gifts Under $200 To Give In 2020

    With options for just about anyone on your list.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

    1. An incredibly real-looking faux fur throw blanket to give any home a touch of interior-design-magazine-meets-Winterfell luxe.

    The faux fur blanket draped over a couch, in a white and brown blend

    2. A whole VAULT of Colourpop Lippie Stix for the person who could never (and I mean never, ever, ever) have enough shades of velvety gorgeousness.

    The box of pen-like lipsticks in pink, red, and brown shades

    3. A mini (but bright and powerful) multimedia projector to turn any room into a movie or gaming room. Just plug in a phone, gaming system, streaming stick (like a Fire TV stick), or laptop.

    The projector and screen

    4. An Amazon Fire TV stick they can simply plug into they existing TV and stream all the shows, movies, and music they want at the push of a button.

    The HDMI stick and remote

    5. A Hamilton Beach panini press that'll create deliciously brown, crispy outsides and gooey, noncrushed insides for the ultimate sandwich every time. Or the ultimate wrap, quesadilla, *croissandwich*, or anything else that floats their boat.

    The hinged panini press with a sandwich with grill marks inside

    6. A gold-filled initial ring you can stack up or across to spell out your monogram or any word, bringing "talking with your hands" to the next level.

    Hand with four rings spelling out the word Hope

    7. A The Mandalorian Razor Crest Lego kit to occupy them after the new season comes out and there's no more Baby Yoda for a while. ::makes Chewbacca noise of despair::

    The kit

    8. A 12-pound weighted blanket (it's called a calm-forter) that'll feel just like a soothing hug for an added dose of security. And unlike other weighted versions, this just looks like a regular fleece blanket a with a silky side and a nubby side for fully customizable relaxation.

    The textured blanket in the seven color combos

    9. A Snowe Spa Set with a mega-plush (and mega-absorbent) robe, plus their ~Rinse and Repeat~ candle, scented with Calla Lily and green leaves for a super refreshing atmosphere.

    Model in the grey robe lighting the candle

    10. The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse, a hilarious (and actually useful) post-zombie apocalypse survival guide including over 80 recipes, food scavenging tips, and illustrated guides on living in the wilderness, whether the undead are after them (and their tasty brain) or not.

    The cover of the book

    11. A pair of leather touchscreen gloves with zipper accents for your fashionista friend who can never decide between staying warm and texting you back.

    The black leather gloves

    12. A subscription to Rosetta Stone so they can prepare for the international trip you guys have been wanting to take for ever. You can't go right now, but you can always start planning!

    Screens showing the different language activities

    13. A vintagey 8-in-1 entertainment center that'll do it all: play records, stream music from your phone via Bluetooth, record from vinyl, CD, or cassette directly to USB, AND play CDs, cassettes, aaaaand AM/FM radio.

    The white media center with a hinged record player top and remote

    14. A (thinner! waterproof!) Kindle Paperwhite with a glare-free screen so they feel like they're reading an *actual* book — without having to have to schlep around a heavy 1,000-page volume (looking at you, A Song of Ice and Fire).

    A hand holding the kindle in black in a body of water

    15. A sleek grey bamboo bath caddy so they can soak up some great lit while soaking in the tub — this one has room for a beverage, snack, candle, and of course their new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite.

    A reviewer showing the caddy on their tub

    16. A Drunk Elephant "Glowy the Night" gift set for a full nighttime skincare routine to help them get their most luminous skin yet. They'll be pretending to create TikToks every time they use these.

    The kit

    17. An HP portable photo printer that'll print photos on-the-go for trendy photo-within-a-photo Instagrams or at home for easy wall décor.

    The white printer with rectangular photo prints

    18. A vintage-style blueprint poster personalized for their pet. Because their pupper is an icon and deserves the very best.

    The poster with a labrador retriever

    19. *THE* Amazon Coat, a chicly oversized parka that'll keep them warm — and make everyone think you splurged big time. Mega style and mega warmth for around $150? Sign me up.

    A reviewer in the green coat with sherpa-lined hood and pockets

    20. Impossibly delicate solid gold bands studded with five diamonds for the perfect subtle sparkle.

    A hand with the bands in gold and white gold

    21. A 10-in-1 *ultimate* Instant Pot so they can slow-cook, pressure-cook, make rice and yogurt, and so, so, so much more — they can even sous vide in it!

    The Instant Pot

    22. A Foxybae straightening hair brush with tourmaline ceramic technology to sleekify, prevent frizz, and up the shine level in just a few quick strokes — without ~flattening~ any volume.

    The straightener with bristles

    23. A Yedi air fryer so you can make deliciously crunchy foods like wings, reheat fries back to their crispy perfection, dehydrate foods, and even make a whole *rotisserie chicken* without dealing with hot oil.

    24. A sampler kit of aperitifs perfect for sipping on the rocks or making into cocktails or spritzes, because everyday bubbly celebrations are a gift unto themselves.

    The four bottles

    25. A pair of knit sneaks made from recycled ocean and single-use plastics for a green gift that's also really darn stylish and comfy.

    26. A board of wizard's chess for spontaneous (and ruthless) games.

    The game set which looks exactly like the set in the first Harry Potter movie

    27. A fun duvet set that'll take any kid's dreams to the next level — you can get it in a dinosaur print, ballerina print, mermaid print, astronaut print, and more.

    The set with the body of a dinosaur on the duvet and the head on the pillowcase to make it look like it's eating the child under the covers

    28. A year-long subscription to Atlas Coffee Club, which will deliver a 12-ounce bag of beans (enough for about ~30 cups of coffee) per month, each from a different region, with info about the tasting profile, brewing recommendations, and a postcard about that place!

    The box and two bags of coffee

    29. A holly jolly printed Opposuit that'll guarantee a win when it comes to who's best-dressed at the holiday party.

    Model in the red suit with a snowman and christmas tree print

    30. A Loog six-string acoustic guitar – it's slightly sized down (and comes with an accompanying app) for kids who have rockstar aspirations.

    A kid playing the black guitar

    31. A pretty gold-and-glass vase that'll make them think of you every time they fill it with greenery or flowers — on a weekly basis, tbh!

    The three sizes of vases

    32. A pair of Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones so they can work out, get a snack, or ignore text messages while listening to their favorite playlist — all without being ~tied down~.

    The gold over-ear headphones

    33. A beer-can-chicken-making kit with everything they need (except the bird and the beer) to whip up flavorful, juicy dinners without a whole lot of effort.

    The crate, what comes in the kit, and a cooked chicken

    34. A countertop Aerogarden Harvest hydroponic garden for growing all the herbs you want (no backyard required). And thanks to the LED grow lights, plus a watering-reminding system, no green thumb required either.

    The Aerogarden in white growing herbs

    35. A levitating moon lamp to add a touch of truly out-of-this-world magic to their home.

    The moon lamp (complete with crater details) glowing on a side table

    36. A silicone face-cleaning brush that'll be like treating them to a whole year's worth of facials. It vibrates to remove makeup, dirt, and excess oil, timing the process so they can get the whole job done in 60 seconds.

    Me using the Luna 2 on my face with face cleaner lathered on, with text "makeup, dead skin cells, excess oil, grime, etc. All gone in 60 seconds", and me showing the device in my hand

    37. A Philips Sonicare Diamondclean toothbrush with four modes, three intensities, and three different brush heads so they can customize their cleaning to their dental needs.

    The pink toothbrush in a charging glass with replacement heads, travel case, and phone showing the app

    38. A kit of magnetic false eyelashes (plus liner) for a dramatic look that's way easier to apply than the old-fashioned glue. And they'll *stay on* all day/all night. They can just put them back on the (also magnetic) holder when done and rewear 'em time and time again.

    Three sets of lashes with different fullnesses and lengths, plus a liquid liner

    39. A stylish black bar cart, because you should really share the gift of good taste. And because if you give them a bar cart, they'll serve you booze when you visit.

    The black and wood grain bar cart

    40. A pressure washer that'll honestly be one of the most satisfying gifts they ever get. Just look at this review photo!

    A reviewer showing a sidewalk before/after power washinig

    41. An LED light-up makeup mirror with bright and dimmed modes *plus* a USB charging port, built-in Bluetooth speaker, and voice assistant controls so they can apply flawless foundation, jam out to their fave tunes, leave with a fully-charged phone, *and* call a cab — all with just this mirror.

    The mirror with a phone plugged in

    42. A waxed canvas messenger bag for a perfect happy medium between polished profesh and cool casual. While holding eeeeeverything they need, with pockets for their laptop, phone, note pads, water bottle, and pens.

    The messenger bag in brown

    43. A pair of cashmere socks for the person who has everything — except something as utterly luxurious as these.

    The navy socks with white trim

    44. A Nespresso Vertuo coffee and espresso maker that'll make their morning routine so much less stressful. Just pop in a pod (both espresso shots and full-size coffees available) and press a button. Caffeine is ready!!

    The black nespresso machine with mugs showing the three drink sizes

    45. A pair of classic-for-a-reason shearling Ugg slippers with hard soles, because they will NOT want to take them off when they have to go outside to take out the trash.

    The slide slippers in black, grey, and camel

    46. The Nintendo Switch Lite, which will keep them entertained with video games for hours, whether they're at home or on the go. If they haven't played Animal Crossing yet, it's time.

    The aqua blue switch

    47. A stylish acrylic Squatty Potty to make pooping easier so constipation is no longer a #1 (or should we say #2) consternation.

    The clear squatty potty

    48. A 100% Mongolian cashmere henley with buttons down the front to make it look like vintage-y for a dose of cozy, casual cool.

    Model in the mint green top

    49. A two-door smoker for anyone who either 1. already loves making ribs, briskets, and other smoked deliciousness or 2. watches a lot of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and would like to recreate some of the magic at home.

    A person taking sausages out of the smoker (which also has two poultry birds, ribs, and corn inside)

    50. A powerful Ninja blender so you can basically give the gift of never-ending margaritas. And smoothies. And dips. And sauces. It even has a heating element that can boil water in minutes. Helloooooo fondue night.

    Two people with margaritas and pouring queso from the blender

    51. A personalized whiskey barrel to complete any at-home bar. It'll infuse whiskey with extra flavor thanks to the oak wood, which adds vanilla and marzipan-esque notes, coconut flavors, and tannins.

    The two size barrels

    52. A foldable exercise bike with all the basic features they need if they don't have space (and you don't have the budget) for a Peloton but want access to a quick cardio workout at home. It has a magnetic tension system to up the difficulty, and handy features on the screen so you can track your time, speed, distance, and more!

    The silvery bike, with text "Men's Health editor's choice" larger seat cushion, 300 pound extended weight capacity

    53. A gorgeous Penguin hardcover boxed set of six Charles Dickens novels; they're a fancy addition to any library, large or small.

    The set of books

    Santa baby, please give me all of these?

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