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    All The Best Cyber Week Deals

    We’re combing through *all* the thousands and thousands of deals to find the ones that are actually worth buying — so you don’t have to.

    FYI — deals can move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Cyber Week to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    1. 47% off Revlon's beloved one-step hair drying brush on Amazon.

    2. Up to 60% off December Deals at Wayfair.

    3. 40% off Fire TV Sticks (4K and Lite) on Amazon.

    The hdmi stick and remote with streaming services

    4. Up to 60% off or more on select items at a variety of Etsy sellers.

    5. 33% off the Microderm Glo Mini.

    reviewer image of tool showing how much gunk and sebum was pulled from skin

    6. 20% off a pair of Apple AirPods with a wireless charging case on Amazon.

    the airpods

    7. $50 off items $199+ and $100 off items $399+ at Briggs & Riley.

    The suitcase open to show the interior

    8. 58% off a blowout brush at Foxybae.

    The blowout brush

    9. 45% off 12-month subscriptions, and get a lifetime subscription to unlimited languages for $179 at Rosetta Stone.

    THe deals banner

    10. Up to 75% off at Banana Republic Factory.

    11. 30% off at Madewell.

    Model in the beige and white tie dye

    12. Join Book of the Month for $5.

    A model with a book

    13. Up to 31% off an Instant Pot Duo on Amazon.

    The instant pot

    14. 40% off site-wide and an extra 50% off sale items at ModCloth.

    15. Over $200 off Samsung QLED TV with 4K and Alexa built in on Amazon.

    The TV

    16. $20 off a Bose Soundlink speaker at Sam's Club.

    The black mini speaker on a table

    17. Up to 50% off at Williams Sonoma.

    18. 50% off a Coravin wine bottle opener/preservation system at Amazon.

    wine bottle opener/preservation system

    19. 10% sitewide, 15% orders of $100+, and 20% off orders of $150+ at Shark.

    A model using the vacuum

    20. Bundle and save, plus get up to 25% off seasonal outfits at Universal Standard.

    A model in the outfit, which comes with pants, sweater, and puffer jacket, two of which are free

    21. Up to 75% off at Rugs USA.

    Gray and white diamond-print shaggy rug under a full-size bed

    22. Gift for as little as $13.50 a month at Kiwi & Co.

    kids playing with science kits

    23. 80% off over 100 styles, plus an extra 50%-60% off everything else at J. Crew Factory.

    24. Up to 50% off select products at Target.

    25. 30% off orders over $50 at P.volve.

    The kit with gliders, p-ball, p-band, ankle weights and an ankle band

    26. Up to 70% off, plus an extra 10% off at Noize.

    Model wearing a light blue faux fur coat

    27. Save up to $150 on select products at Dyson.

    28. And 20% off (including hair care!!) if you've previously bought a Dyson product at Dyson.

    The supersonic blow dryer

    29. Up to 40% off sweaters, hats, jackets, and more at Urban Outfitters.

    model laying on bed wearing a sweatshirt

    30. Up to 80% off at BH Cosmetics.

    The Galaxy Chic palette opened and swatched on two different arms

    31. 10% sitewide, 15% orders of $100+, and 20% off orders of $150+ at Ninja.

    The pressure cooker being used

    32. Up to 30% off at Bed Bath & Beyond.

    Nespresso Brevillecoffee and espresso maker bundle

    33. Up to 60% off everything with styles starting at $4 at Old Navy.

    34. 25% off all Caitlyn Minimalist jewelry.

    35. 30% off at Adidas.

    model wearing mint green sneakers

    36. 50% off a pair of Sony noise-cancelling headphones on Amazon.

    The over-the-ear-headphones in blue

    37. 20% off orders of $50+ and 30% off orders of $75+ at Forever 21.

    38. 50% off everything at Gap.

    39. 20% off makeup sets at Fluide.

    40. 30% off at Biossance.

    The squalene and omega repair cream, squalene and vitamin C rose oil, and squalene and lactic acid resurfacing night serum

    41. 30% off the Made for You lab-grown diamond collection at With Clarity with our promo code.

    The yellow gold and diamond hoops

    42. Up to 50% off sale items at Allsaints.

    43. 30% off BuzzFeed's Tasty Adulting cookbook.

    The cover of the book

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