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31 Beautiful Posters That Will Teach You A Damn Thing

AKA 31 posters that don't include the words "Keep Calm."

1. A coffee compendium so you never mix up a latte and a macchiato again.

2. A watercolor guide to culinary herbs.

3. A compendium of Broadway costumes, from Showboat to Hamilton.

4. A pretty black and white guide to those extremely confusing laundry symbols.

5. A color-coordinated chart to remind you which veggies are in season.

6. A star-studded constellation poster that glows in the dark.

7. A print of all 151 original Pokémon by Pantone colors.

8. A minimalist guide to important kitchen conversions.

9. A gemstone chart that really lets those jewel tones pop.

10. A map that tells you exactly where your favorite British shows are filmed.

11. A swirly nebula that secretly lists all of the Nintendo Entertainment System games.

12. A definitive guide to all pasta shapes for any budding carbiologist.

13. A graphic chart of the lunar cycle.

14. A guide to kitchen knives that looks pretty sharp.

15. A patent poster to your favorite "piece of junk."

16. A taxonomy of Shakespearean insults by subject.

17. A beer guide by the glass.

18. A detailed fact sheet about your favorite landmark.

19. A vintage-looking chart of superpowers by type.

20. A labeled graphic of famous cats.... in the shape of a cat!

21. A beautifully illustrated flower anatomy poster.

22. An illustrated map of the highlights of the New York marathon route.

23. A neon guide to the hippest slang from the 1980s.

24. A periodic table of the Game of Thrones families.

25. A guide to cuts of meat and where they come from.

26. A set of faux-chalkboard film schematics worthy of any movie buff.

27. An illustrated list of the U.S. presidents for your white house.

28. A profile of your perfect pup.

29. A print that asks the question "Which bear is best?"

30. A classy AF dance filmography of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

31. And a veritable wheel of cheese.