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29 Fucking Stylish Things For Anyone Who Loves To Swear

A shit ton of style.

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1. A pair of socks that turn your ankles into places of protest for life's everyday annoyances.,

Getting dressed in the morning? Ugh, ::middle finger emoji::

Get them from Amazon for $10 (women's sizes) and $12.99 (men's sizes).


6. Boyshort undies that'll remind you to kick ass and take names every damn day.

Like days of the week undies, but every fucking day is a kick ass day.

Get them from Torrid for $14.90. / Sizes: M/L-4X

Promising review: "I love love love these panties! The fit is great and they're super cute." —Torridgirl91

7. A baseball cap to act as the outward manifestation of your misanthropy.


16. A tee or tank with fancy floral typography that reflects your classy cussing self.


You can also just get a detachable collar to wear under anything!


23. A hand-embroidered tee to flip the bird so you don't have to exert any energy with your actual fingers.

Get it from The Katy Days on Etsy for $15.43. / Sizes: S-XL

Promising review: "Bought this as a Christmas present, but I want to keep it for myself! Katy was super helpful and responsive, and the item showed up in the post really quickly. Thank you!" —Molehillz