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29 Awesome Backpacks You'll Actually Want To Use

School yourself in style.

1. A single strap Herschel that's sized for everyday use.

2. A square backpack that'll give you a ~rosy~ outlook on work or school.

3. A water-resistant bag with a padded compartment for your laptop.

4. A backpack that's ripped right from the pages of a comic book.

5. A neat satchel that'll make it look like you have your shit together.

6. A roll top backpack that brings the outdoors to your school or office.

7. A colorblocked neon pack that'll give you an '80s fix after you finish Stranger Things.

8. A handmade leather and felt knapsack that's got your back.

9. An outta this world backpack that's perfect for young'uns of any age.

10. A padded green backpack with bold black straps.

11. A graphic backpack that speaks your feelings for you.

12. A nautical Baggu knapsack that'll keep you in line.

13. A mini backpack with a faux shearling pocket.

14. A classic L.L. Bean rucksack that'll last for years.

15. A zip top backpack that goes for the rose gold.

16. A proper schoolbag that comes in six pretty colors.

17. An oxblood backpack that's not mini; it's fun size.

18. A roll top pack you can take from work to weekends away.

19. A pale blue mesh backpack that's ~clearly~ adorable.

20. A quilted LBB (little black backpack).

21. A simple canvas pack with compartments galore.

22. A fringed backpack that loves fall colors as much as you do.

23. A backpack to take on your Pokémon Go adventures.

24. A canvas rucksack that holds a surprising amount of stuff.

25. A sleek zippered bag that's made of vegan leather.

26. A faux leather satchel that looks vintage.

27. A double-strapped rucksack that's for the birds (in a good way).

28. A daisy Jansport that makes for the perfect #TBT.

29. A clear backpack any mermaid would take to shore.

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