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24 Times North West Schooled You In Fashion

Including, but not limited to, baby Balmain.

1. This knit cap + Yeezus jacket combo.

2. Hair accessory game on fleek.

3. Faded plaid for a more casual look.

4. Breaking all the rules and wearing white to a wedding.

North West doesn't care.

5. Casual gifts from Oscar.

7. How about this charcoal leisure outfit?

Yeezy and mini Yeezy.

8. All black everything.

North is all about the neutral colors.

9. She wore kid-chella chic for her birthday outfit.

10. Adorably grown-up in sheer black for Paris Fashion Week.

11. Fresh as hell in white.

12. Or rocking the fringe trend while blowing kisses.

13. She's been so stylish she got sent three (3!) Balmain jackets.

So she could match her mom.

14. And paired one of the jackets with a denim skirt.


15. Going Parisian with a classic shift and tights.


16. Denim-on-denim-on-denim.


17. Putting everyone's airport outfits to shame with stripes and combat boots.

And a YSL crossbody for all of her baby items.

And a YSL crossbody for all of her baby items.

18. Moto head to toe.


Let's get a closeup of that killer leather jacket.

She's way cooler than all of us.

She's way cooler than all of us.

19. Those Doc Martens go with everything.


20. Forget white and blue; North knows an outfit that is all black is always chic.

21. Her André Leon Talley costume was Everything.

22. Remember that time she modeled for Chanel?

She needs the bag to hold her pacifier, guys.

23. Leather circle skirt because duh.


24. Furry jacket + cat shoes? YAAS.

You do you, North, you do you.

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