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15 Apps Your Drunk Self Needs And Your Sober Self Will Thank You For

Because tomorrow morning always comes too soon.

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3. R-U-Buzzed

Created by the Colorado Department of Transportation, this app will estimate your blood alcohol level (BAC) based on weight, gender, number of drinks, and time. Be sure to note the disclaimer that the BAC calculation is only an estimate and actual BAC may vary.

Use a designated driver no matter what.

Available for iPhone and Android.

5. Drunk Lock

Put a stop to drunk texts, calls, Snapchats, tweets, and Facebook posts once and for all. Once the app is activated, you'll have to answer a series of math problems. Plus, you can customize the difficulty of the math problem to easy, hard, or college-level in case you're super good at drunk math.

Available for Android.

7. Find My iPhone or Find My Phone

Maybe you're more worried about your beer than your phone. It happens. Find My iPhone will help you locate a missing phone or display a custom message and contact number in case somebody else finds it first. You'll be back to playing Candy Crush (very poorly) in no time!

9. StearClear

Don't get behind the wheel after drinking. StearClear will use your phone's GPS to find you, dispatch two people, and drive you home in your own car. Plus, you can pay using the credit card they have on file — no scrambling for cash.

Available for iPhone and Android.

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