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15 Apps Your Drunk Self Needs And Your Sober Self Will Thank You For

Because tomorrow morning always comes too soon.

1. SceneTap

Before you head out to the bar, check out who's inside from the comfort of your phone. You can see how crowded it is, what the female-male ratio is, and even the average age of people inside.

Available for iPhone and Android.

2. Mixology

Improve your pregame with this app, which suggests cocktail and shot recipes from the alcohol and mixers you have lying around and also directs you to local liquor stores and bars.

Available for iPhone and Android.

3. R-U-Buzzed

Created by the Colorado Department of Transportation, this app will estimate your blood alcohol level (BAC) based on weight, gender, number of drinks, and time. Be sure to note the disclaimer that the BAC calculation is only an estimate and actual BAC may vary.

Use a designated driver no matter what.

Available for iPhone and Android.

4. DrinkOwl

Don't wake up with an empty wallet. Scope out drink specials, happy hours, and even coupons for local bars with this app.

Available for iPhone and Blackberry.

5. Drunk Lock

Put a stop to drunk texts, calls, Snapchats, tweets, and Facebook posts once and for all. Once the app is activated, you'll have to answer a series of math problems. Plus, you can customize the difficulty of the math problem to easy, hard, or college-level in case you're super good at drunk math.

Available for Android.

6. Designated Dialer

After you select which contacts you shouldn't be calling, Designated Dialer edits the contacts, so instead of calling your ex, you'll reach a toll-free number which reminds you why you should NOT be calling. Praaaise!

Available for iPhone.

7. Find My iPhone or Find My Phone

Maybe you're more worried about your beer than your phone. It happens. Find My iPhone will help you locate a missing phone or display a custom message and contact number in case somebody else finds it first. You'll be back to playing Candy Crush (very poorly) in no time!

8. Where to Wee or Free Pee

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You've broken the seal. Foolish. But you really need to pee! Find the nearest bathroom with no hassle by tapping on one of these apps.

Where to Wee is available for iPhone. Free Pee is available for Android.

9. StearClear

Don't get behind the wheel after drinking. StearClear will use your phone's GPS to find you, dispatch two people, and drive you home in your own car. Plus, you can pay using the credit card they have on file — no scrambling for cash.

Available for iPhone and Android.

10. BeMyDD

Schedule a designated driver for the whole night or just a pick-up service. They'll even make unlimited stops (hello, drunchies)!

Available for iPhone and Android.

11. Surge Protector

Beware the dreaded Uber surge. Protect yourself with this app, which directs you to nearby locations that have lower surge pricing or none at all!

Available for iPhone.

12. Eat24

You need to soak up that alcohol ASAP with some greasy food. Find takeout at any time of night with this app, powered by Yelp. Your drunk self will especially love the "Tweet My Meal" function!

Available for iPhone and Android.

13. Waterlogged or Drink Water

Stop your hangover in its tracks by setting reminders to drink water before you even go out!

Waterlogged is available for iPhone. Drink Water is available for Android.

14. BrainWave Hangover Relief

This app uses audible frequencies to synchronize your brain waves and minimize your hangover. You can select from background sounds like "Ocean Waves" or "Pink Noise." Science!

For iPhone.

15. Hangover Cures

This app lists all the common old wives tales and hangover remedies — just take your pick!

Available for iPhone and Android.

Use your phone for good tonight, and you'll thank yourself tomorrow.