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    Psst: Aerie Is Having A Big Sale...And You *Do* Deserve New Undies

    10 pairs of undies for $30 when you enter our exclusive promo code.


    Well good news! From now until 12/23 at Aerie you can get 10 pairs of underwear for just $30 with our ~exclusive~ code "HOLIDAYUNDIE"! That's just $3 a pair – talk about a ~jolly good~ deal!

    Because there are so many cute styles and colors to choose from, we've gone ahead and selected some of our favorites:

    1. A cheeky pair to keep you comfy while giving your beautiful curves the lace moment they deserve.

    2. Seamless boybriefs you'll reach for on the daily because they're the perfect combo of cool — style-wise *and* temperature-wise.

    3. High-waisted boy briefs with velvet trim so you can cozy up in comfort *and* style.

    4. A pair of "Real Me" briefs, because the real me just wants to keep it simple with a ton of colors to choose from (twelve!).

    5. A cutie bootie option designed with wildflower lace trim to add a little flair to your underwear.

    6. Undies without seams so you don't have to worry about your underwear showing up uninvited. *Cue Adele*

    7. A lower-waisted cotton option for anyone who wants to switch things up and try out a new style. Don't waist this opportunity to explore!

    8. A pair of cotton undies with an adorable little bow in the front! Maybe it will distract us from our inevitable period stains.

    9. A crochet lace thong so you have something a little more exciting to wear when you're just feeling like it.

    10. A cotton bikini for everyday wear. This discount will have you saying "I'm ready! I'm ready!" for these ~bikini bottoms.~

    11. All-over lace boybriefs with a lot of ~sheer~ appeal.

    12. ~Real soft~ high-waisted undies you'll honestly forget you're wearing.

    13. Lace boyshorts, because they are just so damn cute and have just the right amount of stretch.

    14. A striped cotton undie for the low rise option you've been missing in your wardrobe.

    15. A pair of cotton boyshorts with a hint of lace on top for someone who likes the look of lace but the feel of cotton.

    16. Low-rise cheekies to get you in the spirit of the season.

    17. And an elegant lace bikini for those days you feel like a princess, so make sure to buy one for every day of the week!

    Just enter our exclusive promo code "HOLIDAYUNDIE" at checkout to activate this festive deal!

    And while you're shopping, the Aerie collection is all 40-60% off!

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