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    19 Borderline Genius Ways To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

    Save your clothes — and your money.

    1. Hang sweaters without losing their shape by learning the ~fold-hang~.

    2. Turn old pillowcases into garment bags to keep your off-season clothes looking fresh.

    3. Use thick wooden hangers to keep shoulders intact.

    4. Or if typical ones are too big, try petite hangers.

    5. Be sure to close zippers before throwing clothes in the wash.

    6. Wash your jeans and other items you don't want to fade inside out.

    7. Add a pinch of salt to your wash cycles to keep colors from fading.

    8. Keep shoes in shape by stuffing them with newspaper or packing paper.

    9. Waterproof fabric shoes with beeswax.

    10. Hide bleach marks on black clothing with a sharpie.

    Residual bleach. It happens to the best of us. Learn more here.

    11. Freeze brand new tights to prevent runs before they happen.

    12. Or spray them with a light coating of hairspray.

    13. Use glue or clear nail polish to prevent your buttons from popping off.

    14. Hook your bra in the back so it doesn't stretch out when you turn it around.

    15. Use moleskin to hide any underwire poking out of your favorite bra.

    16. Don't use fabric softener on moisture-wicking or stain-resistant gear.

    17. Use a drying rack or indoor clothesline to skip the dryer damage.

    18. If you don't have a mesh delicates bag, wash your items in a pillowcase instead.

    19. Spray clothes with vodka to reduce odor between washes.