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21 Ways To Make Your Broken & Boring Jewelry Sparkle Again

Don't get forced into wearing the one-earring trend because you lost the other one.

1. Pack necklaces with a straw to prevent tangling.

2. If necklaces are too thick for the straw method, use Press'n Seal saran wrap.

3. Sprinkle already knotted chains with baby powder to untangle more easily.

4. Use silicon adhesive for a DIY way to make a ring smaller.

5. Prevent tarnishing and turning your skin green by painting costume jewelry with clear nail polish.

6. And keep the gold from chipping off costume jewelry with clear gloss acrylic spray.

7. Give clear jewelry a boost of color with a coat of nail polish.

8. Transform boring jewelry with colored enamel spray.

9. Fix cheap broken chains with fishing line.

10. Use a button to keep pairs of earrings together.

11. Put bracelets on by yourself using a paper clip.

12. Turn your necklace into a headband by adding an elastic hair tie.

13. If you drop a small earring, ring, or shiny object turn off all lights and use a flashlight.

14. Prevent silver from tarnishing by placing chalk in your jewelry box.

15. If your silver is already tarnished, clean it up with toothpaste.

16. Soothe sensitive earlobes with vaseline.

17. Make 14K gold extra shiny using light beer.

18. Use this trick to convert vintage clip-ons to pierced earrings.

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Bye, pinched lobes!

19. Make your own all-natural jewelry cleaner.

20. Resize a watch by adding or removing links.

21. Make necklaces longer by adding a bracelet.

You'll be looking like Liz Taylor in no time.