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21 Ways To Make Your Broken & Boring Jewelry Sparkle Again

Don't get forced into wearing the one-earring trend because you lost the other one.

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7. Give clear jewelry a boost of color with a coat of nail polish.

13. If you drop a small earring, ring, or shiny object turn off all lights and use a flashlight.

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Stop crawling around on the floor! The stones or metal will reflect the light beam right back to you.

14. Prevent silver from tarnishing by placing chalk in your jewelry box.

Use this household silverware hack for your jewelry! Chalkboard chalk absorbs moisture, keeping your silver from tarnishing. Be sure to change the chalk every few months for the best results.


18. Use this trick to convert vintage clip-ons to pierced earrings.

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Bye, pinched lobes!


21. Make necklaces longer by adding a bracelet.

Lots of vintage necklaces come with as a matching set, but you can also use a plain gold or silver link bracelet.

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