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10 Spooky Stranger Things Related Pranks to Pull on Your Coworkers For Halloween

Here are some pranks to pull on your coworkers if you would like to lose your job or go to jail. (Disclaimer: Never do any of these things. Ever.)

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1. Pop out of the supply closet wearing a Demogorgon mask.


For authenticity, you’ll probably want to paint your entire naked body with makeup resembling oozing reptilian flesh. Just like with any prank, authenticity is key—so don’t be afraid to go all out.

Bonus tip: Does your direct supervisor have a closet or bathroom in her office? Try there first! Not only will she notice your full body paint and appreciate your attention to detail, but she’ll also probably want to take a picture of you and show her children how artistic you are.

Warning: It’s probably best not to pull this particularly hilarious prank on coworkers with heart problems.

2. Catch your favorite female coworker snoozing at her desk? Shave her head just like Eleven’s!


Not only will she probably find you to be quite the hilarious prankster—she’ll probably admire your sharp barbering skills so much that she’ll want to ask you out on a date.

She never snoozes at work, you say? Good for her! For hardworking, go-getter professionals like these, you’ll simply have to break into her house and get the job done in the quiet of the night instead.

Bonus tip: Shave your name into the back of her head so she’ll know who to thank for the hairdressing handiwork.

3. Lay bear traps all throughout the office!


Just like Nancy and Jonathan did!

(For heaven’s sake, if you missed the disclaimer at the top instructing you to NEVER DO ANY OF THESE THINGS EVER, go back and give it another gander. This is Dwight Schrute-level stuff right here. If Dwight Schrute were a million times dumber and looking to go to jail.)

This one’s great because your coworkers will appreciate all the background work you had to do to get it all set up. But a trip to the nearest backwoods, bootleg hunting shop (because I'm pretty sure trapping bears is illegal—it’s not the 1970’s anymore) is worth the levity this inventive prank will bring to your office.

Bonus tip: Take a page from Jonathan’s book and line the bear traps with gasoline for a heightened sense of fear.

4. Pull a Jonathan and take pictures of your favorite coworker through his or her bedroom window.


Isn’t that just romantic? Because if there’s anything more intriguing than a plot line that involves a flesh-eating other-dimensional creature, it’s a romantic subplot built on voyeurism.

Bonus tip: Send your unsuspecting coworker an anonymous package consisting of prints of your snapshots. He or she will appreciate the time and trouble you took to take these candid photos and will probably want to get them framed.

5. Flood your entire office floor with a black, viscous liquid—petroleum, perhaps—so it’ll look just like the Upside Down.


This one will definitely take a lot of time, money, and ingenuity when it comes to figuring out how you’ll get the office floor sealed up enough to hold the black liquid in place. And you’ll probably have to break into your office building at the crack of dawn to get the process started and ready for your coworkers in the morning.

But it’ll be totally worth it when you see the shocked, delighted faces of your coworkers as they tread through a real-life Upside Down.

Bonus tip: Combine with the bear trap prank to add an extra element of surprise.

6. Kidnap a coworker’s child and make them think they’re missing!


Um. I’m afraid to add anything to this one. Figure it out yourself.

7. Bust through the wall of a coworker’s cubicle with your best impression of Demogorgon feeding noises.


Your coworker will probably want to thank you for this one, because what’s more likely to give them that afternoon kick they need to make it through the day—an after lunch cup of coffee or nearly having a heart attack?

They’re sure to be grateful for that surge of adrenaline they’ll get with this prank. You just saved them anywhere from 100 to 300 calories!

Bonus tip: If you’ve still got the full body paint on from prank #1, even better.

Here’s an even bonuser tip: Make your grand entrance through the ceiling.

8. Piss yourself just like Troy, Hawkins Middle School’s worst bully ever.


Pay homage to show’s most annoying character by soiling your pants in his honor.

This particular prank is especially hilarious if you do it in front of the higher-ups in your company. Real urine works best. You might be asking, “Does it have to be real urine?” The answer is yes—remember, authenticity is key.

Bonus tip: Play the part! If you’re going to piss yourself like a bully, you might as well act like one too. Push your boss around and smash his face into the nearest locker. Be sure to pick on each one of his insecurities.

9. String Christmas lights all around the office and paint the alphabet under them.


Okay, in all seriousness, this is actually a genius (and affordable) Halloween decorating idea. Send pics.

You might get sent to HR, but you’ll be the office hero and everyone will love you. And so will the Internet.

Bonus tip: Spray paint “Nancy is a slut” near the main entrance.

Even bonuser tip: Is there a Nancy in your office building? Spray it on where she’s sure to see it.

10. Dress in your best Eleven costume: Shave your head, wear a wig and dress, and give yourself nosebleeds all day.


How many times do I have to say it? Authenticity is key, which is why you’ll need to make the nosebleeds as real as possible for best results.

Here’s the best technique:

1. Excuse yourself for a moment to find some privacy.

2. Punch yourself in the nose.

3. Return to the most public and well-trafficked area of the office; become the new office prankster king.

Bonus tip: Over the course of the day, lose so much blood that you actually start to get lightheaded and pass out just like Eleven. Authenticity!

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