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How To Celebrate "Black History Month" At Your Job (When Youre The Only Black Person)

So it's February, (the shortest month of the year ) and it's time to celebrate Black History. We celebrate it in school up until College. Then whether you go to a HBCU (where is supposed to be BHM all year long) or a PWI/Regular school is can vary how much of BHM you celebrate.

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Embrace the fact that YOU are BLACK. Celebrate what you as the ONLY BLACK person at our job does (i.e., Actual work and not just gossip, Crack the funniest jokes, Have the best fashion sense, Not be there for the bullshit, etc).

2. TEACH Your Co-Workers about how Awesome it is to be BLACK.

And that includes:

How many times people ask if all of your hair is real.

Which street you got questioned/ pulled over on while trying to get to work.

What the recipe is for making tasty fried chicken.

TEACH them to be more sociologically aware.


Believe and show that the stereotypes they have are just stereotypes. They are not a reflection of you, and that your employers didnt just take a chance or go out on a wim when they hired a BLACK EMPLOYEE.

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