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21 Times Enrique Iglesias Made You Weak AF

A random ode to the Latin God

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1. When his fine self was clearly thirstin' for a cuddle buddy.

Instagram: @enriqueiglesias / Via Instagram/enriqueiglesias

But like why is he clothed though?

7. You might get to first case during one of his meet and greets.

Instagram: @enriqueiglesias

I would've paid extra for a lap dance.

10. You want him to be your hero, baby.

Instagram: @enriqueiglesias

When a younger version of bae makes the bowl cut look hot AF.


Circa 2016. (aged 41),,,did he get younger or????

16. The relationship between him and his dog though... *swoon*

Instagram: @enriqueiglesias

17. Half of his face just makes you think unladylike things. *quenches thirst*

Instagram: @enriqueiglesias

19. He CLEARLY needs some company.

Instagram: @enriqueiglesias

*buys plane ticket*

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