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    16 Times Your Favorite Children's Shows Were Adult AF

    Another post to ruin your childhood!

    1. When this baby made a shocking discovery.


    2. When Dexter almost got more than he bargained for.


    3. When Ren and Stimpy... well...

    ruinedchildhood / Via Tumblr

    Dogs will always be dogs?

    4. When Helga's thirst was real.

    Ferrio / Via Neogaf

    5. When Pierre Escargot was tryna slide into yo girl's DMs.


    6. And this.


    7. When Pierre forgot the safe word.

    everydayfrencwithpierreescargot / Via Tumblr


    8. When Rocko's Modern Life influenced a generation of porn directors.

    thesplatofficial / Via Tumblr

    9. And sex hotline operators.


    10. When Dot wasn't about that life...

    toonskribblez / Via Tumblr

    11. ...sometimes.

    tomato1718 / Via Tumblr

    12. When Spongebob got caught watching porn.


    13. When HIM's tongue game was strong.


    14. When Grandpa Lou let his freak flag fly.

    adulthumorincartoons / Via tumblr

    15. When Looney Toons was just too much.


    16. And finally, when Fred gave Daphne this look.

    baby-the-stars-will-shine / Via Tumblr

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