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    • maijus

      Yep. Bawled like a baby when watching each of these scenes. But wait a minute. Chandler and Monica finding out they’re going to have a baby is NOT on this list?? After trying to have a baby for a long time, then finding out that Chandlers sperm has low motility and Monica has an ‘inhospitable environment’, then trying to figure out a way to get a baby, covering every option from sperm donors to surrogate mothers, then Joey first writing a recommendation letter to the adoption agency using a Thesaurus on _every_ word (and he really writes it from his “full-sized aortic pump”) and on the second draft “not trying to sound smart at all” and attaching a drawing to the letter leading the agency to think that he’s a child, then Joey almost messing up their adoption interview by showing up and having slept with the interviewer and not having caller her back, then in the middle of a huge Thanksgiving night fight between the six friends (they have also messed up control freak Monica’s apartment) getting the call from the agency finding out that a pregnant woman has chosen them, and they forget their quarrel and just hug and cry - are you telling me someone can watch that scene and NOT cry?? I must have seen that scene at least 50 times and I still cry every time.

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