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I Am A Stinky Person And I Tried Natural Deodorant

Just your average extra sweaty girl's experience trying to stop sweating so much, damn it.

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Do you know anyone that can run a half marathon and not break a sweat? Ok, well I am the exact opposite. I will sweat through the armpits of a thick sweatshirt while laying on the couch in an air conditioned room.

My excessive sweating was a huge insecurity for me while growing up. I debated getting Botox in my armpits for a while because I was so embarrassed. I would only wear black t-shirts because they were the only ones that wouldn’t show sweat.

Oh, and my sweat was stinky. Despite trying every clinical strength deodorant found at the drugstore, I would have BO by 10:00 a.m. Gross right?

Fast forward to my introduction to natural deodorants. I had began seeing a million articles about how normal deodorant was packed with horrible ingredients that clogged your sweat glands and (!!!) have been linked to giving women breast cancer. Breast cancer runs rampant in my family, so this freaked me out to say the least.

After extensive research about which deodorant was the best, I decided on one called Primal Pit Paste. It comes in a jar which is kinda gross but whatever. The scents they offer seemed to be hit or miss, but I knew I had to get my hands on an Orange Creamsicle and the Patchouli scent. My parents are hippies, I grew up loving the scent of patchouli.

So, I decided to try a natural deodorant.

Oh my god, I had never smelled so bad in my life.

I did some digging, and apparently when you switch to natural deodorants that are aluminum free, the gunk that had been blocked inside your sweat glands comes out during the ~detox~ period. I typically think that ~detoxing~ is total bullshit, but I stuck with it.

The Orange Creamsicle scent was a total miss. It sucked.

However, the Patchouli scent is incredible.


Somehow after switching to natural deodorant, I don’t sweat as much?????????? And when I do sweat, it doesn’t smell??????? Maybe its a placebo effect, but I can wear gray t-shirts now with no issues????

To say my life has changed would be an understatement. Switch to natural deodorant. Get through the smelly stage and you will thank me.

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