Will Greg Jennings’ Life Imitate Video Game Art?

Sunday at Lambeau, the Green Bay wideout can do what his Madden avatar has already done: overcome an injury and “put the team on his back”

It’s not quite the broken leg glorified by YouTube user (and self-proclaimed owner of “one of the most best offenses in Madden history”) demetryjames86. Yet Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings is, in fact, dealing with an injury (to his knee) heading into Sunday’s divisional round matchup with the Giants.

Can he overcome the injury and “put the team on his back” in the face of a G-Men defense that seems to have rediscovered its swagger? Oddly enough, Jennings will also be facing two of the “hardingest hitting safeties in the league” in Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips.

And can we agree that the, ahem, shout out at the end of the clip to Gumby is a direct reference to Eli Manning? Look below and tell me you don’t see the striking resemblance.

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