29 Things Every Muslim Goes Through During Ramadan

From questions asked by well-meaning non-Muslims to the shoe struggle at the mosque, these are just some of the emotions Muslims feel throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

1. When you tell someone how long you have to go without food or drink and they’re like:

2. And then you have to answer the usual questions like, “no, not even water.”

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3. Noooo, not even gum.

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4. When all that plays on TV are food/restaurant ads.

5. When your friends invite you out for lunch.

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6. When you accidentally curse.

And consequentially forget how to curse after Ramadan is over.

7. When someone unknowingly offers you food.

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8. Restraining yourself from movies and music.

9. When something “impure” comes up on the internet.

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10. Tasting the food you made while you were fasting.

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11. Your bathroom after you’ve made Wuḍū.

20th Century Fox

Or is that just me?

12. Waking up for Suhoor like:

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13. During Suhoor you’re like:

14. When you wake up late for Suhoor:

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15. Setting the table for Iftaar and staring at all the food.

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“You will soon be mine.”

16. Trying not to drool and failing.

Toei Animation / Via pandaverse.tumblr.com


17. Those last few minutes before Iftaar seem to be an eternity.

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18. When it’s finally Iftaar time.

Screen Gems / Via giphy.com


19. That first bite.

Marvel Studios / Via giphy.com


20. But then you stop the charade of having good table manners and…

Darguad Media / Via crunchyroll.com

21. Just…

Nintendo / Via iruntheinternet.com

23. But then once you’re done eating, you feel like:

24. When you go into the mosque and all you can smell is attar:

25. Trying to finding your shoes at the mosque looks something like this:

26. And you’re like:


27. During salat, you can’t help but think “BOTTOMS UP!”

or again maybe that’s just me

28. And then before you know it, it’s Eid.

Universal Pictures / Via wifflegif.com

29. And though Ramadan may not always have been easy, you know you’re blessed and lucky to have so much in your life.

KatyPerryVEVO / Via youtube.com

Ramadan Mubarak, y’all!

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