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Best Parks And Gardens In Singapore

Singapore stands out in the world as a trendy modern destination reputed for its cleanliness and elegance but it is much more than a dynamic metropolitan. Although known as a world class mega city, Singapore does not deprive you from the beauty of nature and provides you a slice of nature within its city limits, amid its rising upscale skyscrapers and modern structures. Singapore is an ideal example of a balanced city life where in you can find the dynamism of being a modern city fused pleasantly with nature giving equal prominence to ecosystems throughout the country. Here you can find a splendid collection of nature parks and wild life reserves. Singapore is filled with beautiful manmade ecosystems designed in out of the box innovation and ideas that will keep you intrigued to explore more in this country. Revel at these nature hotspot on your vacation to get a complete experience of Singapore.

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•Gardens by the Bay

A perfect example of man’s imagination and nature’s beauty amalgamated together to create an awe inspiring eco attraction, Gardens by the Bay currently ranks as the top recreational spot among the best parks and gardens in Singapore. A recent addition to Singapore’s spectacular lists of manmade attractions, Gardens by the Bay leaves you spellbound from the moment you step into its vast arena. This nature park is set along the reputed Marina Bay and offers green spaces segmented into 3 sectors that further houses a range of gardens exhibiting over 500,000 plants from over 2,200 species, all located by the waterfront. Get a grand welcome by the iconic Super Trees – a colossal tree like structures that consists of vertical gardens and fascinating illuminations. Find yourself amid a riot of colors at the Flower Dome which showcases vivid species of flowering plants. Explore the Cloud Dome which has the world’s tallest indoor water fall surrounded by sprawling spaces filled with verdant gardens - a feat worth marveling. Gardens by the Bay is a perfect spot to spend quality time with friends or family away from the city rushes admiring the man made efforts to resemble a haven filled with tranquil nature.

•Jurong Bird Park

Another world renowned nature attraction in Singapore, find yourself amid colorful species of birds among lush rainforest like surroundings at Jurong Bird Park. Being Asia’s largest bird park, this is a definite must visit attraction for nature enthusiasts and bird lovers. An ideal spot for families, the stunning collection of beautiful birds keep adults and children captivated and entertained. Hike around the lush verdant vegetations at the largest walk-in aviary and spot an assortment of bird species in their natural habitat right from talking parrots to paddling penguins. Step into this multihued bird paradise and get friendly with small birds, lookout for predator birds, enjoy feeding sessions and entertainment specially performed by trained birds.

•Singapore Botanical Gardens

The oldest tropical Singapore garden, The Botanical Gardens is around 156 years old and located just moments away from the Orchard Road. An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Singapore Botanical Gardens is a refreshing tourist destination which has an impeccable collection of plant species unlike anywhere in the world. This horticultural sanctuary includes a fantastic orchid garden known as the National Orchid Garden which is an alluring attraction for travelers visiting Singapore. This nature retreat also includes a Rainforest, a Ginger Garden, Jacob Ballas Children's Garden and 3 beautiful lakes - Symphony Lake, Eco-Lake and Swan Lake where you can enjoy free musical concerts on specific days.

Southern Ridges and its Five Parks and Nature Reserves

An open stretch of green space that interconnects five beautiful nature reserves - Mount Faber, Telok Blangah Hill Park, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park and Labrador Nature Reserve, Southern Ridges is a great outdoor spot for nature lovers, birdwatchers and families looking for nature excursions. Overlooking fantastic panoramas of the city and harbor, Southern Ridges offers its visitors plenty of attractions to view and explore. Visitors can enjoy nature walking tours on the Henderson waves bridge which connects Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park, Forest Walk, Canopy Walk, Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk where each of these nature trails presents the most pristine forms of nature’s bounty abundant in rich flora and fauna.

•Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is the place where you can find miscellaneous species of animals roaming freely in natural settings. Cocooned within the Mandai rainforest, travel onboard the tram that takes you through a wilderness journey or simply hike around the trail to view more than 2800 animals and bird species. Discover the splendid wilderness life of different countries represented in separate theme zones where you can view polar bears at Frozen Tundra, white rhinoceros, meerkats, African Lions at Wild Africa, Kangaroos at Australasia. Come across world’s rare and endangered species nestled in a sprawling rainforest at Fragile Forest and Treetop trails and some of the world’s fascinating reptiles and lizards at the Reptile Garden. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to share a meal with Orangutans at Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife session. A trip to Singapore Zoo gives you an insight into the wonderfully diverse animal kingdom from around the world all within Singapore city.

•River Safari

Asia’s one and only river themed wildlife park, River Safari is an exciting addition to Singapore’s thrilling list of adventure nature attractions. Sprawling over 12 hectares of land, the River Safari is home to world’s largest exhibit of fresh water animals and showcases exotic and endangered species of flora and fauna. A River Safari trip not only gets you to come across beautiful marine life, but lets you encounter the unique aquatic animals such as the Giant river otter which is the world's largest otter, world’s largest amphibian-Chinese giant salamander, the largest freshwater animals such as the Mekong giant and Giant freshwater stingray. Apart from aquatic life, wander into the Giant Panda forest to visit a colony of giant pandas and red pandas. In all, River Safari is a fine way to explore some of world’s exquisite wildlife without the need of getting away from the city.

•East Coast Park

A charming beach park located on the Southeastern coast of Singapore, The East Coast Park is built entirely on an artificial beach. Surrounded by warm waters, this Singapore park is a famous getaway for local as well as travellers letting them to unwind from a hectic city life amid blissful harmony of sun, sea and sand. An idyllic place to indulge in some beach therapy, join in for some leisure recreational and sporting activities, and delve in Singapore cuisine. It is a great outing space for families to have small outdoor picnics under the swaying palms and amid white sands and azure waters. Check out some great sporting activities such as cycling, beach volleyballs, cable skiing and even give golf a try at Singapore’s only indoor mini golf course. Sample some great food from an array of food outlets, restaurants and cafes or enjoy a barbeque session right on the beach with your family.

•Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Another beautiful piece of nature in Singapore, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is set at the outskirts of Singapore and offers visitors a refreshing nature space filled with a variety of plantations, colourful flowers and amazing animals and bird life along with a striking backdrop of Singapore’s highest peak. The Bukit Timah Reserve consists of Singapore’s 40% of flora and fauna that makes it a splendid green reserve for nature lovers to admire as well as for visitors to take a break from the modern life and enjoy nature at its finest forms. It is an ideal place to take a detour from your trip and explore Singapore’s primitive wildlife and exotic nature.

When it comes to nature reserves and gardens, Singapore excels exceptionally well in providing acres and acres of landscapes for nature projects and portraying itself as a fine example of living harmoniously among nature and modernity. It is unimaginable that this world class metropolitan country which is known for its rapid urbanism and sleekness also has the best collection of incredible gardens, parks and nature reserves. In fact Singapore is the only second city in the world to have a rainforest right within the city limits. A visit to Singapore lets you discover how urbanization need not mean the end of green landscapes; it can also be achieved harmoniously by fusing nature retreats innovatively within or around the city. Plan your holidays to Singapore to experience this unique fusion of urban and nature living. To get your visas in order, follow the Singapore visit visa process where firstly you need to have a passport with minimum 6 months validity. Certain countries do not require a visa, however if your nation falls in the country list that requires visa for entry, you need to acquire a tourist visa before your tour commences. You need to submit a duly filled application form with matte finish photographs of size 3.5 X 4.5cms in white background, confirmed return air ticket with trip itinerary, a covering letter and bank documents along with visa fees. The processing of visa takes about 5 working days. Once you receive your visa, you are granted entry for 30 days into Singapore.

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