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The 10 Longest Films Ever Made

We need more popcorn.

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9. The Clock (24 hours)

Christian Marclay / Via

The Clock is an art installation by Christian Marclay in the form of 24-hour montage of clips from iconic movies referencing the time of day (one clip for every few minutes) that often displayed by a watch or clock.

Look at the audience. So entertained.


7. The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World (2 days)

Vincent Patouillard / Via

This 48 hour compilation of strips of undeveloped films, commercials, newsreel and stock footage was made in 1968.

The title speaks for itself.

4. Untitled #125 (Hickory) (5 days)

Josh Azzarella / Via

This artwork of Josh Azzarella is based on 6 minute and 30 second of The Wizard of Oz from the moment the audience sees the tornado until Dorothy meets the Good Witch.

3. Beijing 2003 (6 days, 6 hours)

Ai Weiwei / Via

Beijing 2003 is a documentary about the city where the artist, Ai Wei Wei, lives. It shows point of view footage from a car driving down every street inside Beijing’s ring road.

2. Cinématon (7 days, 18 hours)

Gérard Courant / Via

French director Gérard Courant decided to compile over 2,792 silent vignettes from 1978 to 2006. It consists of short clips of celebrities, artists, journalists and friends of the director doing random things. This film is 186-hours long. 35 years in the making.

1. Modern Times Forever (10 days)

Superflex / Via

The film runs continuously for 240 hours in front of Stora Enso building in Helsinki in 2011. It shows the building's time-lapse history in the span of few thousand years.

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