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6 Ways To Take Your Drinks To The Next Level

Vodka and lemonade? Rum and whatever's in your fridge? We've all been there... and don't want to go back. Here's some ideas on how to take your drink of choice to the next level (and make it actually taste GOOD). RE: BUZZFEED FOOD APPLICATION

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1. Use FRESH lime juice (or any citrus, for that matter)


Seriously. It makes a HUGE difference in your G & T.

2. Angostura Bitters


Vamp up any Rum & Coke with two dashes of this bad boy and some fresh lime juice and BAM! you have a Cuba Libre. Add two dashes to whiskey and you're almost at an Old Fashioned. Angostura also soothes nausea so it's great to have on hand for hangovers too.

3. Tonic water


Is your drink too strong? Do you want to make it last longer? Add tonic water! It's pretty much sent from the Gods to make your beverages better.

4. Make your wine TINTO


Spain knows what's up with wine. Add tonic water and ice to red wine and make it a little sweeter and easier to drink. BONUS: people get very impressed when you tell them you're drinking vino tinto de verano

5. Sugar Cubes


Sugar cubes are not just for fancy ladies or horses or this shirtless dude, they're for cocktails too! Let's be real, simple syrup is way to hard to make. Just slam a sugar cube into your drink and add some tonic water. It makes everything better.

6. Add fruit!


Fruit is good in everything, and ESPECIALLY alcohol. Add apples to whiskey & apple cider, add blueberries to your lemonade & vodka, put pomegranate seeds in with Prosecco & pom juice. Fruit never fails.

Happy Drinking! Go impress some people.

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