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    Cards Against Sobriety: A Recipe For Awesome

    Cards against humanity is a wonderful game for all of us with a sick sence of human! now imagine adding alcohol to the mix, and well that’s a recipe for true awesome, no points needed

    Game ingredients:


    1 set of Cards Against Humanity cards. (*There is a free PDF online)

    4+ people and an appropriate number of glasses

    Copious amounts of alcohol

    Game Method:

    Basic rules*

    Additional rules for awesome:

    1. LOSER: The last player to attempt to put down a card is the loser and must DRINK

    2. WINNER: The player chosed by the card Czar as the winner has 1 of 3 options:

    a. Save the winning card to use against having to DRINK

    b. Make another person DRINK

    c. Choose to drink a SHOT themselves, AND choose a DRINKING MATE

    for the rest of the game as a reward for enthusiasm.

    (**if you are clever, after a while you can make everyone drink)

    3. EVERYONE: those who aren't Czar, winner or loser must add to the DIRTY PINT.

    4. RONDON CARDRISSIAN: each round a random white card is drawn for the imaginary player Rondon cardrissian. If he wins the round, everyone must DRINK.

    5. REBOOTING THE UNIVERSE: at any point a player can drink a SHOT to swop out as many cards as they choose for new ones.

    6. NEVER HAS THE CZAR EVER: If the card czar does not understand a card, they must confess their ignorance, and accept the humiliation of the dirty pint.

    7.HAPPY ENDING: The Haiku card, when this card is drawn the game is over, everyone speaks a haiku (5-7-5) and downs their drink.



    ** Consider plays A – F. If player A chooses player B to be their drinking mate, they both drink whenever the other does. Now consider player F has to pick a drinking mate, they could choose plays C, D or E, and the 2 of them would drink BUT if player F chose either player A or B then 3 of

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