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    8 American Food Places England Needs Now

    meet all those little cravings (and the big ones) without crossing the pond... I WISH!

    1. Wonderful (if a little overpriced) cupcakes

    The number of times i have seen cupcake stalls in the uk that are simply shameful is unmeasurable. We need at someone to put them to shame and inspire something worth eating. sprinkles never disapoint!

    2. Ice cream like no other

    ok, there is also marble slab which is pretty much the same idea, either would be acceptable!

    Icecream made your way and mixed infront of you. my favorite is sweet cream or cake batter flavor icecream with pecan pralines, chocolate brownie pieces, salt caramel and marshmello cream in a chocolate wafflecone tub.

    3. $5 pizza, even £5 would be AMAZING

    ok, so this is the student in me who wants cheap pizza, but... this is also really delicious pizza. one of my road trip classics when im stateside

    4. come for the cheesecake, but the food is AMAZING too

    Red velvet cake cheesecake.... need i say more? ok how about white chocolate macadamia, or oreo (with whole oreos inside!)

    5. Burgers of Deliciousness

    Why we don't have this already i will never know, there was once that pop up somewhere in london, but really just open a whole bunch already, McDonalds just isn't cutting it anymore

    6. DRINKS!!!!

    Sometimes you just want a huge slushy thats bright blue with whipped cream or tater tots covered in cheese and bacon bits.


    It's the smell when you walk in, oranges and tropical fruit. the most delicious smoothies i've ever had. try the mango-a-gogo when you get the chance!

    8. the mostly westcoast favorite CAFE RIO

    Super fresh, a million ways to customise and the best taco salads on the planet. i literally dream of this place.

    9. BONUS!!!!! krispy kreme did it, the rest can follow!!!!!

    11 years ago i was carefully carrying krispy kremes on my lap for 9 hours flights, then i was making 3 hour treks to Harrods from my house in bristol, now i pop into tesco. come on people lets get more awesome stuff for england!

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