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Top 6 Shadiest Diva Interviews

In the world of death by 140 characters, we live for a good ole celebrity Twitter squabble. Twitter beefs seem to be all the rage now, even seducing the likes of political leaders all over the world who want to take a swing at political foes through hashtags. But before we were all able to witness a good celeb tongue lashing in real time, we had to wait for moments of pop culture gold through interviews. Whether it be on primetime television with Diane Sawyer or radio gossip with Wendy Williams, these top diva interview disses had all of our mouths agape in shock when they aired.

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6. Aretha Franklin

The Wall Street Journal / Via

Aretha is asked her thoughts on Adele, Whitney Houston, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. Interviewers seem to set up singers with these types of questions all the time, and the Wall Street Journal knew exactly what they were doing when they asked Ms. Franklin for her thoughts on each contemporary songstress.

5. Omarosa and Wendy Williams

The Wow Jones Report / Via

Throwing shade on the internet is one thing, but having the gall to do it in someone's face, in real time and on their show? Wendy got a full taste of her own medicine during this interview.

4. Whitney Houston

ABC / Via

This interview brought about one of the most famous phrases in pop culture history: "Crack is Whack!" But people miss Whitney's skill for subtle shade throwing when she basically told Diane she knows nothing about her life and shouldn't comment on it.

1. Whitney Houston and Wendy Williams

Gossiping Guru / Via

This is both of these women's second appearance on this list, so it only makes sense for the number one diva interview diss spot to go to Whitney Houston on Wendy Williams radio show. Earlier on the list we got a taste of Whitney's subtle shade throwing. BUT THIS INTERVIEW RIGHT HERE!! We witness the legendary songstress in rare form.



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