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The Problem With Female MC Rap Battles

What's the problem with two bad ass female rappers going toe to toe in the game of rhyme? There isn't one. So why is Remy Ma considered anti-feminist because she released a direct diss track against Nicki Minaj? We heard nothing of the sort when Drake released his two diss tracks about Minaj's then beaux Meek Mill; Drake wasn't anti-men when he used his talents to assert his dominance, so what is anti-feminist about Remy doing the same?

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Before I even briefly delve into the several problematic layers of why there's nothing wrong with Remy Ma starting a rap battle with Nicki Minaj I would like to point out that it has now been a week since Remy Ma has dropped ShEther and we have yet to hear a response track from Nicki. There can be several reasons for this, any ranging from Nicki has too much to lose so why would she set herself up like that to Nicki is taking the "high road" because she knows she is the Queen of Rap and doesn't have to dignify Remy's diss track with a response. But I mean, if you're really the Queen of Rap, a little cypher wouldn't kill you right?

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The origin of where the beef started is still under debate: some people say Remy Ma needed exposure, some say Nicki indirectly came for Remy in her verse on Gucci's new track "Make Love" and recently on Wendy Williams' show Remy Ma made it clear that Nicki may not have made direct public disparaging comments about Remy, but has been a snake behind closed doors. Regardless of how the beef started, we were all blessed with one of the best female diss tracks of this decade.

The backlash Remy received for this touches on the idea that women are supposed to be soft, cute and likeable, even in situations that if it were a male involved the same soft, cute and likeable expectations would not exist. Remy Ma has always been aggressive in her approach to Hip Hop, and not in the cutesie, bubblegum, mainstream acceptable, boss bitch pop way that many people are accustomed to seeing with Nicki Minaj, but in the street rap, cypher battle, rough old age Hip Hop way that has become somewhat obsolete. Remy is a true Hip Hop artist, no games, no gimmicks, no slogans no catch phrases, she's all about the music. And for many Hip Hop fans and purveyors of black culture, her re emergence on the music scene has been refreshing. She came up in a time where if you didn't have bars and weren't able to go toe-to-toe with the best, you couldn't call yourself the Queen or King of NOTHING. It didn't matter how many albums you sold, how many likes or followers you have, how much money you have in the bank, it was all about doing it for the culture, doing it because you loved to rap.

That style of creation has been lost in this age of quantification, where everything "good" is supposed to equate with money and/or status. For so long Nicki hasn't had any competition. Literally none. She's been standing in her own lane for years, and there is an entire generation of music lovers who have never seen healthy competition between two dope female rappers. Of course, there are many people who would argue that Remy's ShEther is not a form of healthy competition, but then again Hip Hop has never been nice. And just like many told Iggy Azealia, if you want to throw your hat in the ring you better be ready for some action, Nicki won't be able to sit in her ivory tower for too much longer before without genuinely proving she deserves the title. As far as I'm concerned there is no Queen of Rap right now, which makes everything a bit more exciting.

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