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POWER RANGERS: 5 Things You Might Not Have Known About The Show

Some facts about Power Rangers that you may not know!

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5. The Yellow Ranger Was Actually A Man

Trini, the original yellow ranger is smart, sassy lady that kicks all kinds of butt. However if you take a closer look at her while she morphed you may notice that her body looks strangely masculine. No you don’t need to get to your eyes checked, silly! Turns out that she looks like a man when they use the Japanese footage because in the Japanese series, the yellow ranger character actually was a man. Crazy!

4. The Black Ranger Is Missing A Finger?

Zack Taylor, the first black ranger, used to say that the hand was quicker than the eye, and no one proved that point better than Walter Jones, the very actor who portrayed Zack. See he is actually missing the middle finger on his left hand, but you’d never know because he does such a good job of hiding it. Just be sure to keep a close eye on his hands next time you see him morph, it’ll blow your mind!

3. The Green Ranger Is The Red Ranger's Brother

Tommy, the green ranger, might be a friend and fellow schoolmate of the other rangers in the American version, but in the japanese version, it’s a different story altogether. The green ranger in that series is actually the estranged brother of the red ranger. And instead of simply losing his powers when the green candle burnt out, he straight-up died! But because the producers wanted to keep the show kid friendly and because Tommy was a fan favorite character, they decided to keep him alive and instead make him the White Ranger later. Not a bad choice since Tommy is obviously the best character ;)

2. Extra Footage Was Shot in Japan for The American Version

By the 40th episode of season 1, Power Rangers had a big problem - it had already used up all of its Japanese footage. But since the show had become such a huge success they needed to find a way to make more, so what did they do? They simply called up the Toei Corporation (makers of the Japanese version) and asked them to make more! In the end they got 25 more episodes worth of content AND Toei even made sure to include the American cast’s personality quirks into it such as Billy’s intelligence and Trini and Kimberly’s friendship.

1. Disney Used To Own The Rights to Power Rangers

So it turns out Disney owned the rights to Power Rangers for a decade before finally selling it back to media mogul Haim Saban. Knowing this makes it hard not to dwell on all the missed opportunities. We could have had amazing things like Power Rangers-themed rides and attractions at Disneyland, or even Power Rangers Disney Infinity figures. But no, Disney was too busy buying up brands like Marvel and Star Wars to have time for Power Rangers. Oh well, I guess for the time being we will just have to survive off rumors of a potential pg-13 rated Green Ranger solo movie. How awesome would that be!?

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