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26 Disturbingly Realistic Pokemon

If you think about it, Pokemon are pretty terrifying. In the anime and the manga and the game, they look cute, but think about how scary they would be if they were real. Magic animals with incredible powers, forced to fight other fantastic creatures? How scary would it be to see a giant, fire-breathing Charizard? Or a creepy bug-like thing with pincers on its head Pinsir? Or that creepy little Jigglypuff thing. Check out this awesome gallery of disturbingly realistic Pokemon art by some amazing artist.

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1. Weezing

2. Mewtwo

3. Charizard

4. Jigglypuff

5. Gengar

6. Banette

7. Emboar

8. Typhlosion

9. Sableye

10. Zoroark

11. Hydreigon

12. Tentacool

13. Kabutops

14. Alakazam

15. Pinsir

16. Aggron

17. Seadra

18. Dugtrio

19. Charmander

20. Nidoking

21. Blastoise

22. Haxorus

23. Mr Mime

24. Vaporeon

25. Venusaur

26. Mudkip

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