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    • maginwagon

      On the PeopleMover at Magic Kingdom, we once had a family sitting in an abutted attached cart on the same train. They were in front of us with my step-daughters riding with their backs to this family. Their little boy (who was maybe 6 or 7) stood up and yelled that he had to poop in a very tantrum-esque sort of way. Now, I understand some families deal with children with varying disabilities (social, physical, whatever) so I chuckled and tried not to give it a second thought. Except the mother, without skipping a beat, pulls a plastic bag out and has this 7 year old poop in the bag IN PUBLIC ON A MOVING RIDE. Now, as if that wasn’t bad enough, they stopped the ride to remind people to stay seated - painfully obvious to us who they were talking to. However, when the ride stopped, the boy had fell back into his seat (with his back facing my step-daughters’ backs). This whole time, our girls had already forgotten about the poop-statement-tantrum and were completely oblivious to what was happening behind them - for which I was so, so grateful. However, we also had a 7 year old with us who not-so-out-of-nowhere screamed out, “Oh my God it smells like someone pooped over here!” And I was mortified for the attention it brought for all the reasons you can think. I told her to pay it no mind, thinking, “There’s definitely poop on that seat over there since he fell. There has to be.” Well, the ride finally ends (thank sweet baby Jesus) and after we exit and are by the Speedway, our youngest notices she can still smell the poop. It had gotten in her hair.  Her long, pretty, chestnut brown ponytail had a different shade of brown not belonging to her. It was awful and practically ruined our day from her traumatization.

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