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    These Positive Doodles Are Utterly Delightful

    The artist Emm Roy spoke to BuzzFeed about her inspiring Tumblr.

    Emm Roy is the 23-year-old artist behind Positive Doodles, a Tumblr filled with comforting and encouraging illustrations.

    Every doodle is prompted by a request Emm gets on her Tumblr. People ask her to draw something that'll cheer them up or make a friend in need feel better.

    Some of the requests deal with quite sensitive and distressing subject matters.

    Emm Roy /

    Emm Roy /

    Emm Roy /

    Emm Roy /

    We asked Emm if this affects her work at all. She told BuzzFeed: "I find myself touched and humbled that they're willing to share so much with me and trust me to try to help, but at the same time, it's heart-breaking to think about all that pain.

    I try to avoid advice that I find harmful. Sometimes I don't know if I'm succeeding or not. I'm sure I've made a lot of mistakes and I'll keep making them, but I think that constantly being reminded of how much everyone goes through is forcing me to become a more considerate person, so I'm grateful for that."

    Emm gives people a margin of time to submit requests, "Otherwise they just keep flowing in and I get overwhelmed."

    We asked Emm for any advice for budding doodlers: "Talk to other artists. Make friends. Be nice."

    She adds: "If you’re on Tumblr, tag them appropriately so people can find them. Sign your work or put a watermark on it. Make sure people can identify that it’s your work. When you see that someone posted a drawing of yours on Imgur and the comments are talking about how much your art looks like a bunch of penises, laugh."

    Emm told BuzzFeed she never went to art school, "But I did take a few classes and I have several textbooks and reference books that I study frequently."

    Her hard work has paid off, on top of running her successful Tumblr she has several books out.

    Thanks for spreading your positivity Emm!