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    Posted on Jan 23, 2015

    This Lord Of The Rings Fan Drew An Incredible Map Of Middle-Earth On A Starbucks Cup

    One coffee cup to rule them all!

    A Starbucks barista recently posted a photo of a coffee cup on Imgur featuring an incredibly detailed drawing of Middle-Earth, J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional continent where The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings take place.

    Liam Kenny

    The cup was given to the barista by Liam Kenny, a 26-year-old artist from Liverpool who created this extraordinary sketch in five hours.

    Liam Kenny

    Liam used a HB pencil and a tea bag to give the design an authentic "map" feel, and he even managed to capture the perilous Mordor.

    Liam Kenny
    New Line Cinema

    Here you can see the map in all its glory.

    And here's another, equally impressive Lord of the Rings sketch featuring Saruman.

    Check out Liam's Instagram for more of his awesome designs. BuzzFeed News has contacted the artist for more information on his sketches.

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