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    21 Badass Thrones Only The Most Hardcore "Game Of Thrones" Fans Deserve

    Who will claim the Iron Throne?

    1. Not everyone has the tools at their disposal to craft a proper Iron Throne. Sometimes, one must improvise and use the resources at hand, like these ...bags of sugar.

    My own Iron Throne of sugar at work. #GameOfThrones #WorkingOnASunday

    2. Or a load of boardgames.

    3. Or empty plastic bottles!

    4. Got some spare dildos lying around? Why not make a NSFW throne?

    Our Game of Bones Competition is now CLOSED! The lucky winner will be announced in the coming week! #GameofBones

    5. Speaking of NSFW, here's a sexual yet totally edible throne.

    6. You can eat this one too, it's made from bacon and meatloaf.

    7. This one's more vegetarian friendly.

    8. This one's made from gingerbread!

    This year's gingerbread house! #GameOfThrones @WiCnet @WatchersOTWall @GameOfThrones

    9. This throne is made from carrots AND it's bunny-friendly.

    10. This is an XL throne cake, and double points because the little girl is called Arya!

    Fan Since 96. Here's the life size "iron throne cake" I made for my daughter Arya's first naming day. @GRRMspeaking

    11. This little girl is sitting on an equally child-friendly but totally badass throne.

    @GameOfThrones my daughter got the iron throne for her birthday from her uncle.

    12. Which proves to be very popular amongst the House of Toddlers.

    13. If you want to take your GOT obsession into the workplace, why not use some leftover keyboards?

    the real mvp deserves a sit like this my kind of iron throne

    14. Or a ton of aluminum foil.

    15. Or ductape?

    16. It's also quite simple to turn your loo into a throne. You could even add a cheeky Joffrey.

    17. Pretty eh... impressive?

    18. Do you own too much cutlery? Assemble them now!

    that time i made the iron throne instead of helping my flatmates pack

    19. Or use leftover bits and bobs in your garage.

    @GameOfThrones check out the sick Iron Throne we made at summer camp! All it lacks is King Joffrey. #GameofThrones

    20. Or scraps of cardboard to impress your hermit crab.

    21. And lastly, got some extra snow kicking about? Turn that snow into a throne NOW.