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27 Times The Netherlands Went Way, Way Too Far

Dutch people be crazy.

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1. When the good people of The Netherlands actually thought this would be an appropriate gift for someone.

3. And their love of weed meant regular ice cream didn't stand a chance any more.

4. When this shop was a little too honest.



5. When this little boat opened its back door.

@Anastasios52FW: Book now for the cruise of your life! #OnlyinAmsterdam :)

7. When the nation's bike obsession created actual bike traffic jams.

Dat je voor een open brug staat en de kluwen fietsers langer is dan de rij auto's. #onlyinamsterdam


9. When this person attached a clog to their bike, because why not?

The Dutch introduce: The Wooden Shoe Bike #OnlyInHolland

10. When someone decided to steal a bike path.

Yep, that sign actually reads: "Bike path stolen."

11. When this restaurant had some ~opinions~ on where to put their clientele.

LOL!!! I fancied a hot chocolate, then got put off by the zonder slagroom!!! Pmsl!

Slagroom actually means whipped cream, don't worry.

12. When this sign decided to straight up body-shame its visitors.

We tell it like it is lol #onlyinamsterdam


13. When conventional toilet signs just weren't enough.

14. When these ladies thought: "CBA with my bike today, where's my surfboard?"

Perfect weather today to do some pedaling. #OnlyinAmsterdam

15. And this family ditched their bike for a clog boat.

16. When this policewoman decided to have a chill shift.

Errrr... #onlyinholland?!? (Photo credit: Rob Bolweg)


17. When the Dutch queen rocked up with some discount supermarket flowers and the country went berzerk.

Princess Máxima receives bunch of reduced-price tulips! #OnlyinHolland

20. When this person confessed a little too much.

21. When vitamin C was replaced with a new health food trend.

22. When a supermarket chain released this flavour of crisps.

23. And vegans took it just one step too far.

24. When the Dutch education board added this to their syllabus.

25. When this family were eager to include their beloved aunt but it ended up less family photo album and more Mufasa in The Lion King.

27. And lastly, when the nation ate so many pancakes they BECAME pancakes.