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27 Beautiful Topknots That Will Move You To Tears

"I want a topknot baby this evening."

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1. We've all come to know and love the man bun, but a topknot is a far superior hairstyle.

2. In most cases, the sides are shaved and the longer pieces of hair at the top are bunched together into a glorious knot.

3. Sometimes a topknot looks so bouncy, so perky, so inviting, you just want to sink your teeth into it.

4. And a topknot + beard is a thing of beauty.

5. Even this dog understands the importance of a good topknot.

6. And this cat is completely stunned.

7. A good topknot will call out your name.

8. It'll make you want to run up to it and honk it.

9. Topknots are just so majestic.

12. They make our world a better place.

14. This man can't even comprehend his own topknot beauty.

16. Even the smaller topknots are utterly breathtaking.

19. How can you pay attention to a fashion show when a topknot's sitting next to you?

Bless you Proudlock <3
Getty Images/ Tristan Fewings

Bless you Proudlock <3

20. All I want for Christmas is a topknot.

22. If you're drowning in a lake, grab onto this man's topknot and he'll save you.

23. If you're feeling blue, this man's topknot will make you feel whole again.

24. This kid is proud to be in the presence of one.

Caught tryin a top knot ha #hairprobs

25. This topknot is a dream.

27. Dogs, men, everyone, you know what to do. Bunch your hair into a topknot and your life will never be the same again.

Best Fusey hair cut! #FuseyHairCut &#x201D; #topcutting

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Best Fusey hair cut! #FuseyHairCut ” #topcutting

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