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21 Vs We Should Actually Celebrate On Valentine's Day

Courtesy of Urban Dictionary.

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1. Happy Va A Napoli Day

Or as Joey says it...

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2. Happy Vacaturbation Day

3. Happy Vajaculation Day

4. Happy Vajazzberry Day

5. Happy Veavage Day

6. Happy Velcro Hug Day


7. Happy Vegetable Lasagna Day


8. Happy Vibegasm Day

9. Happy Victory Nap Day

10. Happy Visit Your Uncle Day


11. Happy Vivaldi Day

12. Happy Villemacry Day

13. Happy Ville Valo Day

This is what Ville Valo looks like in the flesh, he's the frontman of the Finnish rock band HIM.

14. Happy Virtual Friday Day

15. Happy V-necking Day


16. Happy Vodkabeer Day

17. Happy Voicegasm Day

18. Happy Voldemort's Nose Day

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19. Happy Voregasm Day

20. Happy Vulcan Gooch Grip Day

21. Happy Vuvujob Day