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27 Times Chris O'Dowd Was The Most Flawless Man Ever

Oh, Chris.

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1. Chris O'Dowd is the cuddliest, most wonderful human being.

3. He sings beautiful ballads on the ukelele.

4. As Simon in The Boat That Rocked he made everyone cry a million tears when he sang along to "Stay With Me Baby".


6. He appreciates how wonderful it is to be a woman.

I sometimes wish I was a woman, just so I could experience the seemingly orgasmic sensation of removing my bra at the end of a long day.

7. This might be because he grew up with three sisters. Chris spoke about his family on NPR's Fresh Air:

My sister would put makeup on me, and then - essentially, when you're the youngest of five, it's often left to some of the elder siblings to have parental duties, like waking the young kids up in the morning. And so they would deliberately wake me up really late so I didn't have time to wash or anything. And then when I got to school, I would - there would be some laughing and snickering. And I would run into the toilet and find that I had been given smoky eye or some blusher during my sleep


9. He summarised your disdain for human beings.

Apart from Chris of course. You could never hate Chris.


13. Like most of us, he can get a bit confused from time to time.

I just tried to scroll down on an actual book.


18. Even with this slightly longer hairdo Chris looks like a sexy Jesus.


19. His facial hair belongs in a museum.


22. Even when he's standing next to a hot supermodel you only have eyes for Chris.

23. Chris appreciates his fans. Old, young and vintage.

Most girls at the stage door of #MiceAndMen may well clamber for a @JamesFrancoTV selfie. But my ladies are vintage.


24. Chris and his wife Dawn O'Porter will give you so many relationship goals.

It's a boy! @hotpatooties & I would like to introduce Art O'Porter, our gorgeous baby. Well,I'm pretty sure he's ours

25. Seriously, if you guys are looking to adopt someone? 🙋

26. Speaking to The Guardian about the last time he cried Chris said:

When our baby took to the boob for the first time: happy tears at him having his first feed, but also sad at the thought of how many more boobs he'll seek out before he's truly happy.