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27 Sassy Shakira Faces For Everyday Situations

Her hips don't lie, and neither does her face.

1. When you're running for the bus and the driver ~actually~ waits for you to make it and get on.


2. But then an open-mouth chewer decides to sit next to you.

Michael Tran / Getty Images

Close your mouth for the love of GOD.

3. When you see someone take the last teabag at work.

Amin Mohammad Jamali / Getty Images

4. And your ex texts you out of the blue.

Time Magazine / Via

5. When you drop something in front of your crush.

Ace Entertainment / Via

6. When you've bought amazing new shoes and you want to show them off in every possible way.

Sony Music / Via

7. And you're feeling super confident thanks to your awesome new pushup bra.

Sony Music / Via

8. When you open that expensive bottle of perfume for the first time.

Shakira Beauty / Via

9. And your freshly washed and blow-dried hair is swooshing majestically.

Bob Thomas/Popperfoto

"Because I'm worth it."

10. But then you realise you've spilled wine down your dress.

Ace Entertainment / Via


11. When someone tries to cut in line when you're waiting at the bar.


12. Oh well, whatever, your absolute favourite song has come on.


13. And your BFF grabs your arm and takes you to the dancefloor.

Sony Music / Via

14. When your feet are absolutely killing from all that dancing you have to take a little break.

Ace Entertainment / Via

15. At the end of the night you're proud of yourself for being an awesome wingwoman, your bestie has scored.

Sony Music / Via

16. When you're in the shower and you want your boo to join you.

Ace Entertainment / Via

17. When it's finally time to meet the parents and you turn on the charm.

18. When you run into your boyfriend's ex and she gives you a total bitch look.

Ace Entertainment / Via

19. You return the look with some kickass sass but then you're scared you may have overdone it.


You're too sassy for your own good.

20. When you get over 11 likes on an Instagram photo.

Isaac Brekken / Getty Images

21. When you've just put clean sheets on your bed.

Ace Entertainment / Via

22. When you find out your favourite pizza delivery place is closing down.

Sony Music / Via

23. You console yourself by watching some TV but the remote is so freakin' far away.

World Music Awards

24. When you see someone checking out your fella.

Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

25. But luckily you get distracted by a ~super~ cute baby.

VI-Images / Getty Images

26. When you've finally mastered that really difficult yoga pose.

WireImage Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

27. And lastly, when it's time to sleep after a long hard day of being sassy.

Sony Music / Via

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