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23 Painfully Awkward Situations Illustrated By Crap Taxidermy

Apparently stuffed animals are super awkward. Via @CrapTaxidermy.

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1. When you accidentally call your teacher "mum".

2. When the waitress says: "Enjoy your food" and you reply: "Thanks, you too!"

3. When you realise you've just sent an email to your boss that ends with: “Love You XOXO.”

4. When you're about to shake someone’s hand and they go in for a hug.

5. When you can sense someone is about to cuddle you.

6. When you laugh just that bit too loud and the room goes silent.

7. When you say something but no one hears you so you just sit and pray no one noticed you speak in the first place.

8. When you're getting your photo taken and your friend says: "Act natural!"

9. When you laugh and a snort comes out.

10. When you think someone is waving at you and you wave back enthusiastically but they weren't waving to you at all.

11. When you’re walking through the aisle in a plane and you think everyone’s watching you and your legs suddenly forget how to operate.

12. When you hold the door open for someone but they’re really far behind you so you stand there, awkwardly frozen, until they get there.

13. When you accompany your friend to a party but they leave you to go to the loo.

14. When someone gets your name wrong and you’re too scared to correct them so you're like: "Oh well, guess my name is Steve now!"

15. When you arrive late to a social gathering and everyone is already divided into groups.

16. When you were supposed to hang out with just your friend and they invite someone else along.

17. When you speak for the first time in awhile and your voice comes out all croaky and weird.

18. When your phone dies in public and you don’t know what to do with your hands.

19. When your bladders is pretty much BURSTING during a movie but there's no way you're going to walk through all those rows of seats to get to the toilet.

20. When you let out a tiny fart and you're paralyzed with fear that someone may have noticed.

21. When the cashier is ready to serve the next person but you haven’t finished putting your change away.

22. When you get asked to come on stage for audience participation AKA torture.

23. And lastly, when you’re about to sleep and you think about all the awkward shit you did years ago.