24 Things That Happen When Sisters Are Reunited

    Never knew how much I missed ya.

    1. You'll experience an INSANE about of excitement in the moments leading up to your reunion.

    2. When you finally leap into each other's arms, you'll hug her SO tight.

    3. Maybe you have a secret handshake you’ll bust out.

    4. Then you just want to look at her and bask in the glow of her beautiful face that you've missed way too much.

    5. Your sister will start to chat about her journey/her day/how stressy her job is but you won't listen, you're too busy admiring the beautiful, wonderful woman she has become.

    6. You'll bombard her with compliments about her hair, her clothes, her skin and she'll tell you to "STOP IT".

    7. When you're done being a soppy sister you'll demand that she catches you up on every single detail of her life.

    8. Plus you'll have to Facebook stalk relevant people to add faces to all the stories you're exchanging.

    9. You’ll want her to show off every new item of clothing so you can decide what to steal.

    10. You’ll be slightly more hesitant to show her your new buys, because ugh, just get your own.

    11. You’ll have a good gossip about all the crazy things your family have been up to lately.

    12. Then you must catch up on all those sister selfies you’ve missed out on.

    13. You'll literally spend hours on the couch capturing the many facets of your double chins.

    14. You'll read all the trashy magazines you bought at the airport.

    15. And make sure you're both up to date on all the amazing new music.

    16. Of course you have to make sure you're still aware of each other's crushes.

    17. And gang up on all your other siblings/parents/relatives/pets.

    18. Of course, you'll end up laughing about something for so long your bellies ache.

    19. You'll wrestle until someone actually gets hurt and your mum shouts at you.

    20. Once you've settled down you'll try and suss out if she's really happy, or she's just putting on a brave face.

    21. Going through old family photos is a must as well.

    22. You'll indulge in some nostalgia and reminisce about the many dance recitals, pillow fights and Spice Girls reenactments you've had over the years.

    23. Then you'll knock your heads together and plan all the adventures that are yet to come.

    24. And lastly, you'll vow to never spend this much time apart again because it sucks.