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    23 People Who Have Too Much Faith In Humanity

    Remember: Trust no one.

    1. This person who thinks he's found a good place to keep his keys.

    2. This girl, who simply followed orders when the photographer told her to hold her arms out and smile.

    3. Rob, who put ALL his faith in Amazon's gift-wrapping service.

    4. This dude, who thought his friend would help him do the coolest trick ever.

    5. This lady, who should not have trusted her tattoo artist.

    6. Whoever wrote this sign and doesn't know how humans work.

    How can people NOT hit each other with dildos after reading that?

    7. This cat, who thinks his owner's legs will make a safe bridge for crossing the tub.

    8. Or this little kitten, who never thought her owner could betray her trust like this.

    9. The guy on the other side of this elastic band.

    10. This poor hamster. TRUST NO ONE, HAMSTER.

    11. This guy, whose friends just let him go ahead with this.

    12. This girl, who had all the faith in her BFF to complete a simple trust exercise.

    13. Whoever lets this guy look after their kids.

    14. Or anyone who lets their kids get into this van.

    15. This guy, who really shouldn't let his friends perform these kind of tricks on his head.

    16. These people, who think a kid with a hammer is more trustworthy than a doctor.

    17. The person who is about to click on this dolphin.

    18. Whoever trusted this guy to deliver the cake.

    19. The models who put all their faith in the fashion designer not knowing they'd end up looking like giant gnomes.

    20. This fella, who thought his friend would catch him no matter what.

    21. This guy, who let his brother put sunscreen on his back.

    22. This gamer who kindly let his girlfriend name the weapons on Skyrim.

    23. And lastly, the girl who thought her puppy was in safe hands with her boyfriend.

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