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    23 Times Tumblr Spoke The Truth About Depression And Recovery

    "Your brain is amazing, even though it's ill."

    1. Sometimes you just need a simple reminder that what you're feeling now, no matter how bad, it will pass.

    2. And if you're waiting for a moment to start a clean slate, start right where you are, right this instant.

    3. But don't put too much pressure on yourself.

    4. Scaling back, doesn't mean you're weak.

    5. Focus on the little, everyday things you can do that bring you peace of mind.

    6. And don't forget to breathe.

    7. When the voices in your head are getting too loud, reach out to someone.

    8. If your loved ones don't react the way you want or need them to, it doesn't mean they don't care.

    9. Telling others how you feel makes you courageous.

    10. You might just find a kindred spirit.

    11. Because there are people who understand what you are going through.

    12. You are so much stronger than you think.

    13. It’s not uncommon for depression to come hand in hand with anxiety.

    14. But you are so much more than your diagnosis.

    15. And you should never, ever feel ashamed.

    16. Despite how flawed you may think your brain is, your brain makes you who you are, and you are amazing.

    17. Accepting medication doesn't mean you are weaker than others.

    18. Remember to try and step outside of your negative thoughts, and live in the moment.

    19. Recovering from any mental illness is incredibly hard, but it's worth it, no matter how many times you fall and get back up again.

    20. Don't beat yourself up for every tiny misstep.

    21. And remember to treat yourself with the same respect you treat your friends.

    22. You deserve to recover.

    23. Just remember: one step at a time.

    Don't you dare give up!

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