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27 Reasons Nutella Is Your One And Only Life Partner

Nutella just wants to be inside you.

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1. Not to be superficial, but Nutella is ~damn fine~.

2. It’s smooth and creamy and unless you put it in the fridge (seriously, don’t do it people), it’s always going to look divine.

3. Nutella is down for spooning 24/7.

Relationship status. Spooning the biggest jar of nutella available.

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Relationship status.

Spooning the biggest jar of nutella available.

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4. And licking…

Warner Bros.

5. Nutella’s nuts always taste great ;)

6. Nutella looks good in anything.

Get this recipe at Recipe Tin Eats.

Get this recipe at Recipe Tin Eats.

7. And ON anything.

8. When you need a break from Nutella, you can just pop the lid back on.

9. Nutella will soak your tears.

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10. Nutella will never ever make you feel bad.

11. Or judge you.

You keep spreading, baby.

12. Nutella doesn't get jealous.

13. Or talk too much.

14. Nutella will never kill your vibe.

15. Nutella won't argue with you.

16. Nutella lets you be the dominant one.

17. Nutella is never nasty, just so very sweet.

18. Of course you can get nasty with Nutella, if you really want to.

19. Nutella is great for sharing with your best friends.

20. Nutella satisfies you every single time.

21. You can dip whatever you want in it.

22. You can rub it all over yourself.

23. You can stick your fingers in it.

24. Nutella makes your heart beat faster.

25. But you don’t have to take Nutella out for dinner on Valentine’s Day.

26. It just wants to be near you, with you, and inside you.

27. And lastly, you can introduce Nutella to your parents, and it's guaranteed they'll approve.