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21 Adorable Dutch Baby Names That Will Make You Want Kids ASAP

Is your little girl a Brechtje or a Lidewij? H/T BehindTheName.

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Dutch version of Anna. It's a classic name that would suit a graceful, elegant little girl.



Another Dutch variant of Anna. It's a name that will suit a sweet and adventurous little girl.


Feminine form of Benedict. It'd suit a fearless little girl who'll go on to make the world a better place.


Pronunciation: Beer-runt

The Dutch version of Bernard. Great for a little boy who'll grow up to be daring and fearless.

Pronunciation: BuRR-ec-tjuh

The feminine version of Brecht. It's the right name for a sweet girl who will bring joy to people around her.

Pronunciation: DEE-də-rik

Dutch version of Theodoric. It's the right name for a confident boy who is comfortable in his own skin.


Pronunciation: FEM-kə

Also means "little girl" in Frisian. It's perfect for an honest, hard-working little girl.

Pronunciation: FLO-ris

The male version of Florence. It would suit an ambitious little boy who has big plans.


Pronunciation: HAHN-nee

A short version of Johanna. It's the right name for a little girl who will do anything for her friends.

Pronunciation: HI-duh

Another Frisian name. It's perfect for a courageous little boy.

Pronunciation: yah-KO-bus

A Dutch version of Jacob. It's the right name for a gutsy little boy with a big heart.


Pronunciation: YEL-lə

A Frisian name or a shorter version of Willem. It's the perfect name for a boy who will dare to dream big.

Pronunciation: KAY:S

Dutch version of Cornelius. It's the perfect name for an attentive little boy who will grow up to be a great listener.

Pronunciation: LEE-kə.

A short version of Angelica. It's the perfect name for a loyal girl who will come to her friend's rescue.

Pronunciation: Lee-duh-WAI

You might recognise this name from The Fault in our Stars. It's the right name for a little girl who will bring light and laughter wherever she goes.

Pronunciation: MEGH-təlt

This is the Dutch version of Matilda. It's the right name for a little girl whose bravery and ambition knows no bounds.

Pronunciation: Meeh-rhəl

Literally translates to blackbird in Dutch. It's the perfect name for a popular girl who thrives under pressure.

Pronunciation: NOR-tyuh

Often seen as the Dutch version of Eleanor. It's a great name for a clever girl who will go on to inspire others.

Pronunciation: Rut-ghur

This is the Dutch version of Roger. It's the perfect name for an energetic little boy who will light up every room he enters.

Pronunciation: TREIN-tyə

This is a short version of the name Katherine but it also translates literally to "little train". It'd suit a bookish little girl who has big plans.

Pronunciation: KWI-Rrain

Dutch version of Quirinus. The ideal name for a dedicated little boy who will remain loyal to those he loves.